10 Reasons why Anthropogenic Global Warming [to use the Gorian nonsensical term] or AGW is CRAP! :

1 : Previous levels of CO2 were much higher than today and correlated with temperatures higher, the same and lower than today.

2: Movements of CO2 do not correlate with movements in temperature; during the 20thC from 1940-1976 CO2 increased but temperatures dropped; the same from 1998. See Lansner:     http://icecap.us/images/uploads/CO2,Temperaturesandiceages-f.pdf

3. Climate sensitivity of 2XCO2 = 3C has not been verified by the 40% increase in CO2 and temperature increase of only 0.7C since 1900. Of that 0.7C increase solar influence has been 0.1-0.4C [TAR] and natural variation at least 0.3C.

4. The mechanism by which CO2 causes heating has never been adequately explained; see:  http://arxiv.org/ftp/arxiv/papers/0904/0904.2767.pdf                                  http://biocab.org/Total_Emisivity_CO2.html                                  http://www.informaworld.com/smpp/content~db=all?content=10.1080/15567030701568727

5. The optical depth, which is as good a measure of the ‘greenhouse’ effect as any has not increased in 60 years of measurement.

6. Outgoing TOA IR has declined [Lindzen and Choi]

7.Increased SW flux at the surface during the crucial period of AGW warming from 1983-2001 increased [see Pinker et al]

8. Clouds are a negative feedback

9. Water vapour has not increased as required by AGW theory [see Paltridge, Soloman and many others]

10. Miskolczi has a new paper which provides further empirical evidence for his first paper’s thesis that internal variation of greenhouse components such as CO2 and WV will not increase the greenhouse effect. Miskolczi has never been rebutted by a peer reviewed paper.

*** BONUS: And a new paper by Blakeley B McShane and Abraham J Wyner repudiates the hockey stick which has been the centre-piece of AGW since 1998. See: http://noconsensus.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/aoas1001-014r2a0.pdf


by Ash.