In Zimbabwe $100 Billion could buy three eggs. But not for very long.

Xoliswa Sithole The Producer of Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children has a Chilling warning about how a society can descend into total chaos then collapse from following left wing ideology. Just a little left wing CRAP can and does poison the whole well  and the more leftist poison the faster the disastrous contagion to the whole society takes place.

Zimbabwe’s forgotten children, struggling to survive 

Zimbabwe, when I was growing up there, was the breadbasket of Africa and had one of the best education systems in Africa if not the world.

The healthcare system was great, too.

For a child born in apartheid-era South Africa, as I was, it was a land of opportunity. After my mother moved to Rhodesia, I received a first-class education, and graduated from university in post-independence Zimbabwe.

It is startling how quickly a society can fall apart.

My film, Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children, follows the stories of a number of children struggling to survive in the country today.

Zimbabwe has become a very hard place to be poor, and poverty is ugly. Conspicuous consumerism is very evident, and greed is also very visible. (Full story)

 The Lesson For Australia is obvious.

The Australian Labor Party (ALP) is doing to Australia what Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe. Just like Mugabe the approach the ALP and their Green party allies have to running a country is to use an ideologically based make believe approach rather than a realistic one.

The Green ALP are wastefully borrowing and spending money as if there is an infinite supply. Essential services are being cut, the cost of living is being pushed up and many people have been pushed beyond breaking point.

Mugabe and Greens/ ALP have done what they want and aren’t concerned with the consequences.Mainly because they have made sure they won’t be affected when things go wrong.

Like Mugabe the Green ALP inherited a strong economy and like Mugabe they have trashed it living out their game of make believe. The only difference is Green ALP does not have as free a hand as Mugabe. There are some restraints on Green ALP’s actions.

Just as well otherwise they would have already turned Australia into a Zimbabwe clone.

Zimbabwe’s once strong economy completely collapsed under the weight placed upon it. Zimbabwe was hit by hyperinflation and its dollar was abandoned Australia’s economy is starting to seriously buckle from the Green Labor mismanagement. More and more people are living in poverty, infrastructure is not keeping up with demand and hospital services are being placed under an increasing strain.

If (or when) hyperinflation happens here in Australia Green ALP would probably take credit for making everyone billionaires and trillionaires.

If things keep going the way they are this is a headline you may read in a few years’ time:

“Australia, when I was growing up there, was a breadbasket for the world and had one of the best education systems in the Pacific, if not the world.

The healthcare system was great, too.”

It is quite startling how quickly a society can fall apart, and even more startling how easily it can be done.