Julia Gillard has made a concerted effort to give her ‘special friend’ Barack Obama a really good time in Australia. Photo Op’s at a primary school … a lavish dinner , and an address to the Australian Parliament. Ideologically she has started with the passing of her Carbon Tax legislation, which meant she actually will have someone else in Australia who liked the way she forced this unpopular and unwanted Tax onto the much maligned Australian Voter, giving them a real party atmosphere to enjoy late into the night.

The similarity in style and character between these two is apparent as they have formed an uncomfortable friendship, while it would seem they will be discussing other important affairs of state.

It seems Obama’s Immigration policies are said to be too harsh from the hard left, and too lenient from the right in the US, we could very easily use these same descriptions with The Greens and the Coalition here in Australia. It seems the the response from both leaders is to obfuscate and fudge the issue (pretend to do something) as if we didn’t have a problem at all.

In the US the nation faces a unprecedented growth of Federal debt, over both the short and long run.  In Australia, we have in 4 short years gone from almost  no debt … to unprecedented debt levels due to the Gillard Governments’ dangerous ways of handling our economy and “saving Australia from the Global Financial Disaster” ! Of course this means Australia will fall on it’s sword at some point, as it won’t be able to manage this debt if it keeps climbing at this rate, while the new Carbon Tax legislation will be making big business seek overseas for a more affordable option for their location.

Despite having an almost totally compliant press both these leaders now face considerable unpopularity. So while these leaders are under attack by so many, they must find it refreshing to find an opportunity to have such an intimate knowledge of each other….each other’s thoughts, feelings, ideals in such a social(ist) way.

The time for sitting back is over. We must fight against this!


Regards Kev.