Sunset Clause for the C-Tax?  – A Sensible And Necessary Precaution.

Australians must insist that the monstrous carbon dioxide tax legislation has a sunset clause which is triggered by global cooling.

This whole tax extravaganza is based on the foolish notion that man’s production of life-sustaining carbon dioxide is causing global warming and we need a C-Tax to stop it.

However no one has produced evidence that carbon dioxide has caused any significant warming. What’s more, carbon dioxide production is rising strongly but world temperature has been stable for the last 13 years. Right now sea surface temperatures are falling sharply.

“Climate” is generally defined as an average of 30 years of weather. Therefore the C-Tax should be scrapped immediately the global temperature falls below the 30 year average temperature, indicating the start of global cooling.

As the sun has gone quiet, and Queensland has just had its coldest autumn for at least 60 years, this looks likely to happen soon.



Viv Forbes