Yesterday’s National Press Club debate between  Lord Christopher Monckton and Richard Dennis was televised live but most people were working and missed out on seeing Richard Dennis argument comprehensively demolished by Christopher Monckton with the press unable to land a telling blow.   Many of you will also have been hard at work and missed the opportunity to watch this important debate.
It seems that the ABC despite announcing the debate would be re-screened at 10pm last night has failed to do so.
I’m now offering you all the chance to watch it yourselves at your own convenience on youtube.  I trust that by watching it you might be enlightened as to why Julia Gillard’s lone global initiative to tax a harmless invisible and natural trace gas in the atmosphere is being met with such resistance.

The Real Monckton Debate

The National Press Club Climate change debate between Lord Christopher Monckton and Richard Dennis.

The ABC appear to have lost the debate for their 10pm Channel 24 slot. Somehow I don’t think they would have lost the footage if Christopher Monckton had made a mistake…

Had he made a gaffe, it would have been on the 7pm news, and every hourly update after that.

Watch it here instead. Who needs the ABC?

The link to the debate on youtube is here:


Lord Christopher Monkton Debate Dr Richard Dennis at the, National Press Club Address 19/07/2011


Not for the first time I declare…Thank God for the internet.


Aussie Pete