Just like the pigs they are ignorant of their terrible fate…


Labor MPs are like pigs to the slaughter
LIVE exports of Labor MPs from parliaments across Australia have been suspended following reports that some of the MPs are conscious before being politically slaughtered.
Politicians’ rights activist Leo Daimler yesterday branded live exports of Labor MPs from parliaments an “appalling and cruel industry”.
“These Labor MPs are being slaughtered in NSW, Canberra, South Australia and elsewhere without any of the fundamental standards being observed,” Dr Daimler said.
“There is increasing evidence the MPs are aware weeks, sometimes months ahead that they are going to be put down.”
But a Coalition spokesperson defended the live exports.
“This is an important industry,” he said. “Currently, we are harvesting Labor MPs in numbers never previously seen.
“While we are making efforts to maintain best practice and humanitarian standards, it is virtually impossible to ensure every Labor MP is unconscious before being slaughtered at the ballot box.
“We’ve never seen the ALP so unpopular across the country. They need only to read state and federal Newspoll results to be aware the end is coming.”
The issue of live exports came to the fore in March, when 30 of 50 NSW lower house Labor MPs were slaughtered simultaneously.
Evidence has emerged that, despite claiming they were “in it to win it”, many of the MPs were in fact conscious they were headed for the political abattoir.
This was confirmed by Kristina Keneally in The Weekend Australian earlier this month.
The former NSW premier, who only narrowly avoided slaughter herself in her eastern Sydney seat of Heffron, said she realised her job during the election campaign was giving Labor “dignity as it went out the door”.
Newspoll surveys published in The Australian last week showed plummeting support for the Rann government in South Australia, suggesting another large-scale live export of Labor MPs is imminent.
Dr Daimler said future state Newspoll results should be published exclusively outside the states where they applied.
“There is no other way of maintaining decent standards and sending Labor MPs to the slaughter believing in the fiction they still have a political life,” he said.
“It is the only humane method.”
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