And The Winner Is?

Winners are grinners touted one headline today as Julia Gillard retained the leadership of the Australian Labor Party (ALP) after a challenge from former prime minister Kevin Rudd.

The Rudd leadership challenge in this case was unusual. Challenges are usually issued when the challenger knows they have the numbers to back the challenge. Lots of calls are made and pledges of support are tallied up etc. before the challenge is launched.

Rudd was defeated 71 to 31 so he clearly didn’t have the numbers. It’s possible he was believing his own hype and just hoped somehow it would work in his favour.

If that’s the case then it’s just as well he didn’t win, someone who just hopes for the best would make this ALP government an even bigger disaster for Australia.

This challenge could be game playing by the ALP. Rudd obviously didn’t have the numbers and after his defeat Rudd proclaimed that he would work within a united ALP. Sounds noble of him, such integrity to accept his defeat and work for the good of the party.

That’s not actually such a noble sentiment given that it comes from the within ALP as they all work for the good of the party. After all, their own personal wellbeing is tied to it. What we really need is the ALP working for the good of the country.

But back to the grinning winner Julia, she now has a real battle to face and that is winning over an electorate fed up with over four years of ALP government.

The project cost blowouts, service cuts, the massive borrowings and mishandling of that borrowed money among other things has made a lot of people wanting to see the ALP out of government.

The ALP has trashed the Australian economy and pushed up unemployment. They pushed through unwanted legislation and cheered when it was passed. This government has behaved in a manner that is unbecoming even of politics.

Julia said Australians have had a gutful of the ALP’s political drama, I think it’s more accurate to say they’ve had a gutful of the ALP.

Winners may be grinners but hopefully the real grinners will be the Australian people when her destructive government is voted out and the ALP is banished to the political wilderness where it belongs.

And we’ll need something to grin about before the real job of fixing the mess the ALP made of Australia begins.