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pffffffft and shhhhhhhhsp is the air seeping out of the Green bubble!
News that the pioneer German solar power company Solon filed for creditor protection Tuesday suggests last year’s seep of air out of the jolly green subsidy giant has become a great vacuum blowout. The various corporate-welfare seekers that have been straddling the renewable sector will not give up easily or gracefully, but the hot-air balloon that is green-energy economics is rapidly losing the ga-ga popular support it has had for the past decade.
Here's yet another great lineup of interesting links from our old friend  John Droz Jr. 
Very good news to all pro-science people: the first major wind project in NC is likely to have been dealt a mortal blow because the three major NC power companies have refused to pay their high rates. What’s also interesting in the NC situation, is that the governor tried to pressure NC utilities into paying more for this project’s electricity, but (due to help from legislators and citizens) the utilities held firm. See <<>> for a good writeup.
Here is a fine report on the second major wind project proposed for NC. With the support we are now getting, hopefully their days are numbered too <<>>.
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Two stories on a MAJOR good news development in Massachusetts <<>> and <<>>. Kudos to the fine efforts of MA citizens!
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I would STRONGLY recommend that you carefully read attorney Chris Horner’s 12/14/11 testimony before some Ohio legislators. It is a superior dismantling of most of the specious claims made to support such foolishness as wind energy: <<’s-chris-horner-testifies-before-ohio-house-on-folly-of-green-energy-policy/>>.
Read this wonderful letter from a local citizen chewing out the editors of a regional newspaper about their uninformed stance on wind energy <<>>.
More reports about greed energy economics —
An insightful commentary from a Brookings Senior Fellow “Democrats need to get real about energy policy” <<>>.
A good response to the absurd AWEA “report” about the benefits to subsidizing them more <<>>.
Paying wind developers for providing zero electricity <<>>.
Here was a local NC paper’s good editorial about the high cost of wind <<>>.
For the environmentalists who are advocating that we include all the externalities with things like coal and oil, that’s fine if we do an accurate assessment of the benefits. He is an article on just a few of those <<>>.
Yet another of many examples of how wind energy is increasing electricity costs, yet the expense incurred is not attributed to wind energy <<>>.
The hissing sound is air coming from the green bubble? <<>>.
“The Cellulosic Ethanol Debacle” Looks a lot like wind energy. “To recap: Congress subsidized a product that didn’t exist, mandated its purchase though it still didn’t exist, is punishing oil companies for not buying the product that doesn’t exist, and is now doubling down on the subsidies in the hope that someday it might exist. We’d call this the march of folly, but that’s unfair to fools.” <<>>.
A NJ wind developer backed out of an offshore project there. It was acknowledged for offshore wind energy to survive it would need “copious amount of government support.” That’s an understatement <<>>.
More reports about turbine wildlife issues —
American Bird Conservancy is petitioning the government to make wind rules mandatory. Good for them! <<>>.
“Wildlife Casualties (bats) Slow Wind Power” <<>>.
Misc energy reports — 
Health news: 1500 wind accidents and incidents in the last five years, just in the UK <<>>.
A superior summary of the situation going on in Ontario (which is similar to other locations) <<>>.
A major wind developer leaves town due to resistance by a small number of local activists <<>>.
“America’s Energy Policy: Green or Red?” <<>>.
A good discussion of little mentioned transmission issues resulting from more wind energy <<>>.
Terra Power (a traveling wave reactor) sounds interesting <<>>.
Some recent global warming articles of interest —
“A MUST READ assessment of “Climategate, Part II” <<>>.
Canada withdraws from Kyoto (good for them!) <<>>.
A fascinating trial about global warming and how high the stakes really are <<>>.
New satellite data seems to contradict global warming hypothesis <<>>.
“Global Warming Alarmism is Cooling” <<>>.
“The UN calls for Eco-Fascist World Government at Durban” <<>>.
“Dissent on global warming has been shut down from the start” <<>>.
“The BBC & Climate Change – a Triple Betrayal” <<>>.
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