This is our big chance to impact the extreme left elites that are crippling our country and indeed the world. For some time The Australian TEA Party has been planning a series of events/activities to protest the propaganda visit between two far left Ideologues ..Julia Gillard and Barak Obama. These  two deeply cynical Politicians are seeking to deflect disastrous domestic policies and unpopularity in their respective countries with a carefully choreographed  – ‘photo op ‘ – propaganda event.

It is I believe The Australian TEA Party’s duty to try to do our best to foil this cynical and desperate propaganda exercise.

Can we do it? … YES WE CAN!

Apart from the main rally outside parliament there will be various activities which at this time are confidential.

Please contact us if you are available or can help us in any way.

This is the most important and effective opportunity to actually embarrass  BOTH Gillard and Obama we probably will get.

PLEASE help in any way you can, participation, attendance, help with materials . small donation …

all will be vitally important.

On the same day another anti carbon tax rally also approved by the AFP and run by the excellent people of CATA is scheduled to begin at midday after ours.

This will be well worth staying to attend.

We may well be at various locations as well as the rally as required by …circumstances.

looking forward to any support possible.

for further information ..  please give phone contact.

The Editor.