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Taxed Enough Already

Among the ALP supporters I come across there is usually a major sense of denial about how things are and the impact of what the

May 01, 2013 Australia
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Remembering All Our Allies

Rhodesian servicemen. On ANZAC Day we honour the brave soldiers of Australia and New Zealand who have fought bravely to protect our freedoms. And despite

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Facts, Not Liked By The Left

Since facts are no good to the Left they’ll probably just stick to their race and gender cards. No related posts

January 23, 2013 Blog, slider, TEA PARTY Gallery
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Gotta Hand It To Him!

When then prime minister Paul Keating met the Queen it came across to some that he wanted to look like a big shot by ignoring

January 19, 2013 Blog, slider, TEA PARTY Gallery
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Tell Me Why

If the Earth is experiencing global warming and we are in such danger from higher levels of heat and our governments really care about us

January 12, 2013 Blog
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Of Course They Know What They Are Doing

When people discuss politics they will say politicians are stupid and they mention the so called failed policies of the politicians in question. Politicians aren’t

December 22, 2012 Blog, Featured
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Ban Christmas? No, I don’t Think So.

As Christmas approaches the usual collection of killjoys, grinches and publicity seekers come out of hiding and try spoil the day for us all. Christmas

December 05, 2012 Blog, Community
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Nepotism With Spin

Major Queensland disaster Anna Bligh, otherwise known as the former ALP premier was given a job by the ALP federal government with the publicly owned

December 05, 2012 Blog, Featured
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Never Surrender!

Yes it will be an uphill battle but real Americans won’t let Obama drag their nation down. No related posts

November 10, 2012 Blog, TEA PARTY Gallery
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Marxists Of A Feather Flock Together

Please note this refers to the modern version of Marxism where the wealth is prevented from reaching the ‘masses’ and that any wealth the ‘masses’

November 01, 2012 Blog, Featured
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