IF the findings are true you would have to be pleased for them. I remember this well and one of the things that really formed opinion was not as much her lack of emotion it was the fact the were a part of a 'cult' Seventh Day Adventists. We knew little about this religious group back then, and considered them almost the same as a cult. When members of the church gathered to support the Chamberlains, it was seen as this mob protecting her and protecting their 'church'. Add this mistrust to her reaction and it is easy to see why she wasn't shown much sympathy, remember this was some 32 years ago in a simpler life. Now, I don't know, I do not believe a dingo did it, but did Lindy do it? Why would she spend the last 32years fighting for the chance to put a cause of death on Azaria's death certificate? It is difficult, but did the Coroner get it right today, I hold grave doubts with this verdict, although this does not mean I believe Lindy did it. What I do know is it is time to close this chapter of history, it has been speculated and prodded and argued for way too long.

The editors rarely disagree here and if they do it is usually over an honourable principle.This editor has to disagree with the above as to the guilt of the animal and is absolutely convinced that “The Dingo Did IT”(100%). Animals are notoriously able to be the cause of great tragedy and wild dogs (let alone their cousins the wolf) have been guilty of a large number of the most diabolical human /child deaths in India for example as well as around the world. I feel that humans need to stop placing their biasses/values /morals upon the natural world and realise that many of it’s creatures do not possess human ideals and operate within very different paradigms! We will never understand them … and that is a good thing !