Does the centralisation of government power ever lead to good outcomes for the citizenry?

Does removing the checks and balances of decentralised government structures assist freedom and citizens liberty?

Was the role of the monarchy such a failure in the Whitlam dismissal in 1975?

NO! … NO!  … NO!

Why is the removal of the role of the monarchy in Australian government as a check against centralised Government power  such a priority with Progressives?

My name is Don I support The Australian Constitutional Monarchy and this is my perspective.

An Australian Monarchist today must be eternally vigilant to avoid being conned, humbugged and deceived by what the famous Glenn Beck of Fox News, New York describes as ‘PROGRESSIVES”.

Those are our enemies and eternally the enemies of freedom for all Australians.

“PROGRESSIVES are in all political parties, churches and institutions.  They’re basically a common front of socialist, communists, anarchists, humanists, Fabians, folk of the Left, and a good many who are simply confused.

You can identify them by their hatred of (among many) things traditional and monarchical, and their consistent desire to redistribute your wealth and give it to others, usually under the compulsion of taxes by Big Government.  And they’ve long found ways to get around democracy and ignore public opinion!

They consistently promote “charity“. Charity to them is taking your wealth trough Big Government taxes.  Reduced to a common denominator, that means taking your wealth, or stealing the wealth you have earned, and then giving it to others who haven’t earned it, usually under the lame excuse of helping others, or as bribe money in the name of getting themselves elected, or re-elected to public office.

Free people resist such theft, but to get your money the PROGRESSIVES demand more power to force you to do their will.  Such scenes always end badly for people.  Indeed, that was the old Paper Hanger’s fundamental wish – to lord his will over that of others, and it ended very badly for people.

PROGRESSIVES strive to abolish monarchy and any Christian-based constitution ( GOD GIVEN RIGHTS ARE HARDER FOR MAN TO TAKE AWAY) that limits their theft and abuses of your purse and property.  This theft problem is as old as human nature itself.

Not surprisingly, they seek to replace God with Government, and impose human rights granted by Government while impressing inalienable rights given by God.  That it impose human rights granted by Government and surpress inalienable rights given by God, or in brief, surpress the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, or property

In our time they’ve pushed to abolish local government, state government, and the Upper Houses, and run everything from a central point through a network of regional governments.

That has long been the goal of PROGRESSIVES. Many will recall that was Gough Whitlam’s goal in the 1970s before Labor came agutzer.  Their goal is to end up with one parliament and nothing to stand in the path of a dictator.  One branch of PROGRESSIVES actually calls their rule the “dictatorship of the proletariat” – or a dictatorship by another name!


That is what you will run into every now and then in the most unusual of places, and people fall for the demagoguery.  They suddenly pop up and call for the abolition of local government, state government, and the upper house, and the creation of one house of parliament at Canberra which would run everything in Australia through regional government dictated to by faceless bureaucrats at Canberra.  They throw up a plethora of grievances as a bribe to harvest sympathy, but the solution is always the same – big government centralised.

Those of us who have been around for some time will remember what Labor’s Gough Whitlam wanted before he was rightly sacked by the then Governor-General Kerr, and we remembers that soon afterwards Labor and the Left made their big push for a republic to end the umpire’s threat of interventions.  That PROGRESSIVE design was rejected massively at the next election.


But what is truly shocking is that this is the classic road to despotism.  Classic because it is the same road exploited by Adolph Hitler and his National Socialists to gain power in Germany in circyu-1933.

They tore up the Weimar Constitution which was then considered as one of the best in the world.  It took them less than a year to run a bulldozer through that constitution while Hitler described those acts as the triumph of his will!

That this classic path could be advanced in 2010 anywhere in Australian is equally astounding and illustrates how little history is taught these days and how quickly responsible people can forget the lessons of history.

If people do not know their history, then they are destined to repeat it.  That is repeat the bad parts of it! When people learn that they can steal from their neighbours through government taxes, then democracy as we know it is dead!

For you who are rusty on history, this is what Hitler did to seize power in what was then one of the most advanced civilised nations in Europe.


Like the PROGRESSIVE he was, Hitler campaigned and got the abolition of the German States and then the abolition of the German local government, and he ran everything from Berlin via appointed regional governments.

Councillors who showed independence got sacked or simply disappeared and were replaced by a party hack.

Hitler then abolished the Upper House called the Richtrat, and this left only one Chamber called the Reichstag.  By this time his one=-party domination of the one-party parliament had politicized the police, teacher unions, private industry, civil service and everything else of substance and value.

You see, human nature never changes.  Our British ancestors knew that from practical experience and they passed on systems of government to Australians, Canadians and Americans that divided up power amongst the many so that one nasty person couldn’t hurt everybody else.  Europe generally went the other way towards centralism, and got National Socialism, Marxist socialism and socialism.


Our forefathers kept bureaucracy small and limited.  They also passed on to us the dangers of a standing army like that led by Oliver Cromwell under his “Commonwealth” or “republic”.  They recalled that military power was exploited and abused to shut down parliament, billet troops in private homes, and coerce decision-making.  The then army enforced morality, trade and what-have-you since the sword was mightier than the pen or parliament and people.

That’s one reason British nations stumbled into world wars without a major army, and continental armies were armed to the hilt!

Armies are dangerous to freedom.  Hitler promised his army officers career advancement, and the Officer Corps fell for it, and goose-stepped off to the debacles of Stalingrad, El Alemain and Normandy.  That officers could be manipulated by similar political scaming makes one stop and think.  Could that happen here?

Divided power was a practical barrier to the worse evils of human nature…the deadly evils of greed, envy, theft, corruption, murder.

Those of a religious conviction will easily recognise these evils.  People who don’t put up evil theories like “power comes out of the barrel of a gun”


In Australia, power is divided up horizontally and vertically.  This is deliberate and the Crown is at the apex of each major division.  Indeed, this is what PROGRESSIVES want to destroy-destroy so that nothing sits in their road to getting what they want.

Centralise everything.  Built up a structure via bureaucracy, and use that structure to control and nanny-state people.

You see, they think they’re smarter than you and you are stupid and have to be forced to do what is right in their eyes.  So beware!

When politicians talk about governance, not government, but governance, that is what they mean….they mean that your system of government, but governance, that is what they mean….they mean that your system of government has been fundamentally changed but all the old terms remain to fool you that you still live in a free society under a non-political Crown, and that democracy as a means of selecting representatives to represent you in decision-making still apply.  Yes, that freedom of choice still applies!


But beware!  Foreign treaties have silently and dramatically robbed the United Kingdom of its independence and sovereignty, and to the extent that they apply to Australia, the same result will apply here.

The global warming and climate change laws would have done the same to Australia.  That is put us into poverty, destroyed our jobs, sold us out to foreign robber barons, and betrayed our national sovereignty while robbing us silly without firing a single shot!

That’s why defence of the monarchy in Australia is so vital to our survival as an independent nation as a free people under a free constitution.

Best constitution designed by man…..

Our constitution is the best constitution in the world for the government of Man by Man.  It’s been battered by PROGRESSIVES, ignored when they wanted it ignored.  But they still want it abolished because it stands in the way of evil people seeking to rob and loot the nation and its people, promote class warfare and line their own pockets with the wealth of the nation.

They never give up.  They keep boring away into institutions until they find something that works to impose their will upon others….until they get a party back into every office of power!


So, when crooks, cads and charlatans call for the abolition of the States, or Constitution, they really want to get their republic.

Get more power over you!  They use many devices to deceive.  They yes deceit and many dishonest dips and dodges to wrest power from the people.  You see PROGRESSIVES never change their spots.  The go underground when they’re exposed but always emerge under a new and different name.  But they preach the same doggril of republic, republic, republic and republic.  Spend, spend and spend some more.  Tax, tax, and tax until it hurts! And that adds up to Big Government!

Don’t give them more power.  Don’t give them the time of day.  Defend the constitution.  Roll back the constitutional corruption.  Demand that your representative represents you, and not the PROGRESSIVES!  Defend yourself.  Defend you future.

Don of  QCM

( wow ! further proof that despite there being some things we don’t agree on surprisingly there is an awful lot that we do ! I shouldn’t be surprised.

the editor)