The budget missed the one important point that should have been in the Treasurer’s opening sentence.

The Treasurer should have repeated PM Gillard’s election promise by saying:

“There will be no carbon tax from any government of which I am Treasurer”.

If Tony Abbott’s reply tomorrow then says: “There will be no carbon tax under any government I lead”

it would go down as a historic budget of national reconciliation which put the long term interests

of Australia above party politics.


As it is, it is best described as “Same garbage, different flies”.


For too long now, investments in the electricity, steel, cement, fertiliser, metal refining and oil refining

businesses have been put on ice while the Gillard/Green coalition conducts internal battles on how

they can best resurrect Senator Wong’s failed carbon ration-and-tax scheme.

More investments will now be deferred or shelved because of legitimate fear and confusion as to the

carbon tax – who pays, when, how much and what does the fine print say?

We now face more delays and uncertainty,

more chance of electricity blackouts,

and greater increases in the price of electricity,

food and building materials.



Viv Forbes