Letter to the Editor

Australian Tea Party

10 June 2011

Creating Carbon Credits from Camel Culls?

The people who brought us pink bats and cash-for-clunkers have a new scheme – we can earn carbon credits by shooting wild camels, humanely of course.

Surely it would be far easier to shoot tame cattle? There are big mobs near all of our northern ports going nowhere.

And if greens have their way and stop all live exports, we can earn heaps more by shooting millions of sheep and goats, humanely of course.

What about those mobs of kangaroos? They burn carbon fuel and emit dreaded carbon dioxide.  Why should they be spared when the future of the planet is at stake?

One small problem – what do we do with all those carcasses? Left alone they will release all the carbon sequestered within the animal bodies within a couple of weeks, thus incurring massive carbon debits.

And who counts the dead camels? To prevent carbon cull fraud the economy will boom with jobs for regulators, inspectors, auditors and prosecutors.


Viv Forbes