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Now a way to tax bike riders

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March 04, 2013 Blog
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Experts in Denial

There is no end to the disclaimers from CSIRO. This from a nice Glossy Document titled Climate Change, Impacts for Australia’ But what we can

February 26, 2013 Blog
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The CSIRO Sell Out

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February 26, 2013 Blog
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Terminally ill can’t vote

In 2008-9 the Rudd Government granted $500 million enhancement funding to the states for sub-acute medical services (that is rehabilitation, palliative care, geriatric evaluation and

February 25, 2013 Blog
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The Mills Backflip

Disasters strike without regard for the budget plans of governments THE Northern Territory government has agreed to keep firefighters based at a rural community, in

February 24, 2013 Blog, News
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NBN’s direction in doubt by CEO

The Rudd Government commenced on 3 December 2007.  Construction of a national fibre to the node (ft tn), National Broadband Network (NBN) was a key

February 23, 2013 Blog
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Taxpayer funded sex aka Thomson’s Law

In  Australia, the issue of sex and disabilities has been raised in a parliamentary inquiry into draft legislation for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

February 22, 2013 Blog
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Bandt bans Ethics

I often discard SPAM like the below, but am posting this as a display as to the outrageous scams and lies some political parties are

February 22, 2013 Blog


  There has been little politically happening here in Tasmania over the holiday period.  On a social level there have been the annual events such as the

February 18, 2013 Blog
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Budgetary Incontenance

Already in just February 2013 the budget was blown open, and Departments are begging for more money to the tune of $600,797,000, and how are

February 18, 2013 Blog
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