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Mining tax digs up nothing

I was feeling particlarly lonely today and spoke with some accountants in regard to the Mining Tax. Now I must admit at first what I

February 08, 2013 Blog
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The Neglect of New England

Tony Windsor posted this media Media Release on 6 December 2012 Hung Parliament advances Local Govt reform Councils urged to make submissions to Parliamentary Committee The

February 06, 2013 Blog
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The Australian Millenium

This Government is listing as one of it’s key achievements Establishing a single national curriculum What it has been about though is forcing our students

February 05, 2013 Blog
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Rising star becomes Black Hole

The headlines claimed ‘Country boy from Bathurst’ a rising star in Canberra’ – Date April 9, 2009 -SMH After securing the Central Coast electorate of

February 02, 2013 Blog
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Support Me or not, you Will pay for my Policies

THE Government will soon pre-empt its May Budget by announcing a significant, single cut in spending which could see reductions in welfare payments or industry support.

January 30, 2013 Blog
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Gillard’s new Yes Maám

I kept quiet prior to the election, for we HAD to get rid of a Government that appeared to be corrupt.  However I had said

January 28, 2013 Blog
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The Labor debt we will have to repay – Again

And Labor’s answer to unemployment continues to astound me. In 2011-12, the Australian Government general government sector recorded an underlying cash deficit of $43.7b (3.0 per cent

January 27, 2013 Blog
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The Cost of Greed

I thought with Australia Day fresh in our minds, I would post this article showing just how unAustralian this current Government really is.  No longer

January 27, 2013 Blog
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Tim BER…………………… says it all

Australia has had a lot to contend with over the years and we have always embraced changes stoically, with hope. For the first time in my

January 25, 2013 Blog
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Facts, Not Liked By The Left

Since facts are no good to the Left they’ll probably just stick to their race and gender cards. Related posts: The Anti Global Warming Facts

January 23, 2013 Blog, slider, TEA PARTY Gallery
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