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Australian Government’s interest payment now 3.25% of budget

This year we are spending $13.5 billion dollars, or almost half the education budget, just to service our interest payments. This equates to 3.25% of

July 15, 2014 Blog, Featured
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Tasmanian Pre election update

This Saturday will see the Tasmanian State election. Unless a miracle happens, there will be a change of Government. The present Labor Government has been

March 14, 2014 Blog, Featured
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The new Cold War in Crimea

58.5% of Crimean citizens are Russian, 12.1% are Crimean Tatar, and only 24.3% of the Crimean population is actually Ukrainian. What this means is Crimea

March 07, 2014 Blog, Featured
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Toughen up Princesses

I am sick to death of this mob who whenever they feel threatened attack in the the most childish way, and then to make things

March 06, 2013 Blog, Featured
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Power And Water Tax Hike

The shock rise which kicked in on January 1, include a 40 per cent increase in water costs, 30 per cent lift in power prices and 25

February 17, 2013 Featured, News
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Of Course They Know What They Are Doing

When people discuss politics they will say politicians are stupid and they mention the so called failed policies of the politicians in question. Politicians aren’t

December 22, 2012 Blog, Featured
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The Magic of Christmas

In today’s age we are seeing more attacks on Christianity and this is heartbreaking that minority groups can have such a negative impact on our

December 11, 2012 Blog, Community, Featured, News
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The Running of the Bulls***

Chris Evans was Minister for Immigration and Citizenship in the Rudd Government. Kevin Rudd was a believer in a “Big Australia” and projected a population in

December 10, 2012 Blog, Community, Featured
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McArdle McStake

In my blog I made a point Mr McArdle was a Industrial Relations Lawyer. Now he has made my point for me in a interview

December 07, 2012 Blog, Community, Featured, News
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Nepotism With Spin

Major Queensland disaster Anna Bligh, otherwise known as the former ALP premier was given a job by the ALP federal government with the publicly owned

December 05, 2012 Blog, Featured
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