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Part Time Employment and Single Mothers

A new report released in recent days points to demographic trend lines which indicate that: Australia and a number of other developed countries, has [seen] the

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The Left’s desire to change our Constitution

I have been hearing for a long time how ALP is all about the workers and those less fortunate, however, the facts belies the rhetoric.

April 05, 2013 Community, politics
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Carbon Dioxide – Worst dressed list.

When are we going to get a Government who likes Australians, the type of Party that will say sod off in regard CO2 emissions, and

December 20, 2012 Blog, Community
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The Indian hypocrisy

It seems to me the over-reaction in regard to attacks in Australia was less about concern over attacks and more a matter of an opportunity

December 19, 2012 Blog, Community, News
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All Land Owners should have the same rights

If you were to ask most Australians when Aborigines got the right to vote and most would  say  1967. The referendum in that year is

December 18, 2012 Blog, Community
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The Magic of Christmas

In today’s age we are seeing more attacks on Christianity and this is heartbreaking that minority groups can have such a negative impact on our

December 11, 2012 Blog, Community, Featured, News
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The Running of the Bulls***

Chris Evans was Minister for Immigration and Citizenship in the Rudd Government. Kevin Rudd was a believer in a “Big Australia” and projected a population in

December 10, 2012 Blog, Community, Featured
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Christmas is more than just a Christian celebration

It is 16 days till Christmas and not a creature was stirring, well that is how it feels at a Shopping Centre now.  For the

December 09, 2012 Blog, Community
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McArdle McStake

In my blog I made a point Mr McArdle was a Industrial Relations Lawyer. Now he has made my point for me in a interview

December 07, 2012 Blog, Community, Featured, News
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