The Green War on our Primary Industries triggers the Convoys of No Confidence

The Greens now control the Australian Parliaments – neither the ALP nor the Coalition can pass legislation without support from the Greens and their patsy independents.For years now the Greens have waged war on our primary industries – mining, grazing, farming, forestry and fishing.

This war reached a climax recently with their unprincipled attacks on two industries – coal and cattle. Bob Brown wants to close all Australian coal mines and coal fired power stations and other greens want to stop all live cattle exports. That infamous economist, Ross Garnaut, seems to think we should eliminate our cattle and sheep and farm kangaroos instead. (Naturally the surplus cattle and sheep will all be euthanized humanely.)

Every war is triggered by one dramatic event and the overnight banning of live cattle exports from Australia to its near neighbour Indonesia was the trigger for action across Northern Australia. The bush is now like an agitated meat-ants’ nest.

Thus the proposal by one NT truckie, Mick Pattel, to organise a Protest convoy to Canberra has escalated into 11 convoys from all parts of Australia.


Already the first convoy is heading south. For up-to-date details of all convoys see:

If you can help or participate see this link:


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This battle against a tax on the gas-of-life (carbon dioxide) is approaching a climax.

Viv Forbes