Being a radical that teeters between insanity and sanity affords you a level of understanding, that only a idiot would follow, therefore Gillard continues to watch her popularity go down the tube.

Being a different kind of radical, who enjoyed learning and understood what the science teachers and lecturers were saying at a time, when they were just mainly unknowns who believed in the theories of true science afforded me with enough background to know that the supposed science of Climate Change was fundamentally flawed and when Glaciers were melting a little faster than expected, I didn’t look up to ask why, I looked down.

You see the theory I believe in is the earth is warmed in a couple of ways, firstly is a variance caused by Volcanic activity and Magna flows along with Solar activity.  If our temperature varies it will have a lot to do with these 2 events together with the Geomagnetic pull created by other planets, etc in our solar system, which will vary in some degree the orbital balance of the earth in relation to the Sun.

This will explain the melting of certain Glaciers as there has been volcanic activity in the area warming the area below these glaciers and yet does not restrict the actual temperatures in the area to any significant extent.

When I heard that CO2 is causing these catastrophic events, it was obvious people have not been taught to examine a problem by looking for evidence. I know this to be self evident as no evidence has ever been provided, merely a mass of theories, supposedly working from baseline data of which no one has seen, and is now claimed in Australia at least to be lost.  Under these circumstances modelling can provide you with any data you want as you can manipulate the baseline.  However, it has now become more apparent these forces, while happy to see so many lap up their Global Warming spiel, were using this not as a fight for saving our planet, but as a means to improve the financial position and to spread their concept of  Socialism across the world.

My ideas on weather remains almost as it was taught to me and can be evidenced by monitoring equipment all over the world, and hence is verifiable as a solid theory.  Although I accept other things will  have some impact, I certainly can not hold to the belief  too much CO2 in our atmosphere is leading to catastrophic Climate Change.  This is something the Earth will adapt to as it always has.

The Alarmists theory is created with modelling, and no verifiable baseline data that can be evidenced.  In fact the only thing verifyable is the money it will cost and business we will lose because of it.

We have seen many of the scaremongering theories pulled apart already and the world is walking away from this pretence as a threat to destabilise the world economy, rather than because there is any real threat of global calamity.

Our time is coming though, and we need to be prepared to have the truth seen and ensure the Gillard / Greens regimes are destroyed to the extent this element of red necks never have the opportunity to threaten our great nation again.