In the light of recent increase in alarmist shrill here in Australia it’s time to revisit the Climategate primer.  It’s a must watch for all, especially the young and naive being targeted as life support for a Labor minority government in it’s death throes.  James Delingpole was here in Australia recently and it was my pleasure to meet him in Brisbane.

 Mann’s Hockey Stick on Life support in Australia

Are Climate Scientists a self-selecting set of climate activists?  This question is being asked of climate researchers at Melbourne University where the line between climate activism and climate science is blurred with the claim that the Medieval Warm Period was 0.09°C below 1961-1990 levels. That’s 9 HUNDREDTHS of a degree , with a margin of error of over twice that (±0.19°C).

Simon at Australian Climate Madness rightly asks Is the present cohort of emerging climate scientists a self-selecting set based on a pre-existing belief in the seriousness of man-made climate change?

He’s got a point.  The lead researcher on that story, Joelle Gergis looks like she’s well and truly put the cart before the horse.  Read all about it here

THE GREENS – A Warning from History (PART 2)

There’s a strong smell of anti-capitalism around climate alarmism today as Martin Durkin explains:

Martin writes that it’s abundantly clear that there is more to being ‘green’ than composting tea bags and red squirrels. All the whimsical stuff about flora and fauna is just the polish on the top.  Pay a visit to a green ‘climate camp’ or anti-globalisation rally and you will see, as plain as day, that ‘green’ thinking is a political world-view. In a word, it is anti-capitalism. But it is not the kind of anti-capitalism the Marxists told us to prepare for.  Among the face-painters and unicyclists huddled in the colourful ‘occupy’ tents in the City of London, there are no lantern-jawed industrial workers in boiler suits. There are no pearly kings and queens up from London’s East End.  No.  The effete tent-dwelling Shelly-readers are the self-righteous, work-shy sons and daughters of relatively well-to-do folk. They do not call for higher levels of production, but for lower levels of consumption. They themselves are not short of food or a place to sleep.  They are not unable to feed their families. They are there, not to fight for the little fellow, but to express their loathing of the vulgarity and tackiness of mass production and the ‘consumer society’, and the tawdry, dull world of industry, money, trade, towns, bankers and popular culture. This is what we have called ‘Posh Anti-Capitalism’

Read Martin’s excellent history here

 Jo Nova draws our attention to the $70 Billion spent by the US on climate since 2008.

“Sometime, somewhere (it’s coming) the world will wake up and realize that climate cash was not just a money stream but an ocean. Climate funding is so large, there is not just a flow but currents, waves and tidal ebbs. Not to mention the sharks”  Read all about it here