  Prostitute says she never slept with the embattled MP

  ACA offered her $50,000 and then $60,000 to tell her story

  She accused ACA of going to air with the “unsure” allegation

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A PROSTITUTE who claimed she had slept with MP Craig Thomson has changed her story.

The woman has told Today Tonight that she now believes she never slept with the embattled MP.
“I believed I had at the time,” she said.
She was asked why she now believed she had not had sex with him.
“Because there is evidence to prove it was not me,” she said.

A Current Affair offered her $50,000 and then $60,000 to tell her story of sleeping with Mr Thomson, she said.  She said she later called ACA and told them she was no longer “one hundred per cent sure” it was him.

Appearing on Today Tonight in an unpaid interview, the woman apologised to Mr Thomson, saying it was just a terrible case of mistaken identity.  She accused ACA of going to air with the allegation even after she told them she wasn’t convinced it was her.  “I’m furious,” she said.

A Current Affair reported on May 23 that it had interviewed a prostitute linked to Mr Thomson.

The woman told Seven that two days beforehand she had tried to retract her story after realising she had been in New Zealand at the time of the alleged meeting with Mr Thomson.  When Nine asked for her bank account details, she withdrew her comments and declined to sign a contract.

“I retracted everything that I said. I emailed them, I texted them,” she said.

“We spoke and he said, ‘I wish you had kept your end of the bargain’ and I said, ‘I’m not signing any contract … because I’m totally unsure now’.  “‘I’m no longer 100 per cent sure and I’m not a credible witness.'”

The woman said that A Current Affair reporter Justin Armsden had initially contacted her and subsequently offered her $50,000 to fly to Brisbane for an interview.  When she resisted the offer, Mr Williams called to offer $60,000 to fly to Sydney for an interview, she told Seven.

Mr Thomson told news.com.au:  “In relation to tonight’s interview on Channel 7, the program speaks for itself.”

– with AAP

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/prostitute-denies-sleeping-with-craig-thomson/story-e6frfkvr-1226386677228#ixzz1x0ffKzV5

A few points spring to mind, firstly that Channel 7 is airing this story, along with a Thomson interview.  This shows a level of co-ordination in this story, where they got this retraction, Thomson is made aware of it and then they get the interview with Thomson, in record time.

Secondly the woman claims she is no longer 100% sure, then claims she is   I’m totally unsure now’.  She also states “‘I’m no longer 100 per cent sure and I’m not a credible witness.'”

Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/prostitute-denies-sleeping-with-craig-thomson/story-e6frfkvr-1226386677228#ixzz1x0hBrImW

This is not the language you expect from her, someone has suggested to her she has no credibility as a witness, is my guess.  Channel 7 has it’s own credibility problems at this night slot already, but something stinks about this story and I admit it did so at the start.

The witness whose identity was protected by 9, the witness who supposedly signed a Stat Dec which the police now have, the witness whose image is now splashed all over the tabloids.

Appearing on Today Tonight in a claimed unpaid interview, the woman apologised to Mr Thomson, saying it was just a terrible case of mistaken identity.

This is the part that bothers me the most, it has turned him into the victim, and yet I would bet this is a pay off of some kind with this woman doing as she is told. 

Escort Agencies as everyone knows are not run by models of our society, they are run by people of a more dubious disposition.  So this girl was not going to stand against those that would have tracked her down and put a proposition to her that she has changed her mind and can no longer be 100% certain.  But she went one step too far when she herself said she was not a credible witness,  it is not what you would say about yourself.

Never mind, she was not needed to prove Thomson’s guilt the police should have sufficient evidence.

I will put ACA’s response below




The allegations made by Today Tonight this evening detail a number of assertions that are incorrect and/or were never made by A Current Affair.

To be absolutely clear,

• ACA detailed new evidence regarding a $770 transaction incurred on Craig Thomson’s HSU credit card on 7 May 2005. ACA have at no time asserted the woman featured on Today Tonight this evening was the prostitute involved in that transaction. To the contrary, ACA is aware that a prostitute other than the woman interviewed tonight was allegedly involved.
• The woman interviewed by Today Tonight swore a statutory declaration to A Current Affair in the presence of legal counsel that she had sex with Craig Thomson on at least one occasion.
• The woman also provided A Current Affair with an extensive on camera interview.
• Following Craig Thomson’s speech to parliament the woman sent a text message to A Current Affair indicating that she was panicked and was no longer a credible witness. However, when contacted by reporter Justin Armsden she indicated verbally that she stood by her positive identification of Thomson.
• As has been previously reported, the decision was then made to put all claims to Craig Thomson himself. That occurred in his Parliament House office on 23 May 2012.
• After consultation with Victorian Fraud and Extortion Squad detectives it became clear more than one escort associated with Boardroom Escorts was allegedly involved.
• A Current Affair then took the view it had two separate elements to address. The first being the revelation of the previously unidentified transaction of the 7 May 2005 which we broadcast. The second, being the statutory declaration and on camera interview by the former escort indicating she had slept with Craig Thomson, which we chose NOT to broadcast.
• At no time has ACA named, identified or depicted the woman who appeared on Today Tonight this evening.
• At no time has ACA paid any amount of money to any person associated with this investigation. As indicated previously, a fee had been discussed, however no money would have been forthcoming until the allegations had been substantiated, a contract agreed and the interview broadcast.
• As the woman’s credibility is obviously now seriously an issue, something we strongly suspected, ACA now believes more so that it should be left for the Police to investigate given their extensive powers to compel witnesses and to cross examine witnesses under oath.
Accordingly ACA made the proper decision not to air the interview and we’re more fortified of that view having seen the rubbish that was dished up tonight.

Grant Williams
Executive Producer
A Current Affair