I had a look at Simon Crean’s nice little earner of a portfolio to see what is happening there from this funding slashing budget.  What I found certainly leave questions, but of course this Government does not answer questions that they can’t justify their answer.

Portfolio Budget Statements 2012‑13

Budget related paper No. 1.16


Special accounts

Special accounts provide a means to set aside and record amounts used for specified purposes.  Special accounts can be created by a Finance Minister’s Determination under the Financial Management Accountability Act 1997 or under separate enabling legislation. Table 3.1.2 shows the expected additions (receipts) and reductions (payments) for each account used by DRALGAS.

Mr Crean announced a boost of $64.1 million over four years to secure jobs in the arts, cultural heritage and creative industries and build the base for future growth in the arts.

As we are in a period of cutback and savings, why would we invest in the Arts Industries at this time.  This is another waste of expenditure by the worst Government in Australia’s history.

Mr Crean said a funding boost of $39.3 million over four years for Australia’s pre-eminent national collecting institutions will expand their capacity to open up their collections for community, education and research uses, including in providing curriculum resources for the national school curriculum.

I can’t believe the arrogance of a government that feels it is appropriate to rent and purchase art, when Australia cannot afford this wastage.

“To bring The Wolverine to Australia, our Government has already committed a one-off payment of $12.8 million which will trigger more than $80 million of investment in Australia, create more than 2000 jobs and reaffirm our nation’s status as one of the world’s best filming destinations.

This will be reliant on many factors, however, I again question the justification of spending this money at this time.  We should be aiming at holding onto our current Industries that the ALP has been forcing out of Australia to date.

“We will provide a further $1.5 million to support capital works for the creation of the Islamic Museum of Australia in the heart of Melbourne and $2 million to create the Antipodes Centre for Greek Culture, Heritage and Language in Melbourne.”

I don’t need to say much here but this is a disgraceful waste of money at this time.

“As a key election commitment of the Australian Government, the resale royalty scheme has already generated over $650,000 in royalties from over 3500 resales of art by more than 390 artists,” he said.

I don’t have an objection to this apart from it is claimed as a key election commitment ???

I find it incredulous that when we are hurting so much due to escalating prices and the Carbon Tax impact on Australia, this government decide a key election commitment was the resale royalty scheme, where the Carbon Tax is introduced on the back of a broken commitment.

Mr Crean, enjoy the last months of your Parliamentary career as we all know you are a mentor for Gillard.