Gillard Good Value ???

What the hell is going on, politicians want Double Redundancy packages if their electorates kick them out of office!!!  The rationale they are trying is “If you leave parliament you have signed a political card which means the opportunities for a job are limited”  What the …?.  It seems that if we throw a politician out of office, because we do not, trust, or believe, or want them, they cant to be allowed to be given even more money because their feelings got hurt.

They claim they are less likely to get employment outside of Parliament, however that  I would think would be reliant on how you have conducted yourself, and whether your trust and loyalty have been proven, and even whether you actually have any real ability to gain employment.  For the others, that was supposedly why they got the ridiculous Parliamentary Pension Scheme.  It allows for the possibility of not gaining employment outside of politics.

So cut the bull, and that includes Barnaby Joyce and all the other Coalition money grabbers.But especially this Gillard regime that are feathering their nest with the knowledge they will be ousted for their lies and inefficiency.  Why should we give them even more money, when we will be firing them for their dictatorial style of Government and failure to act in the Australian peoples best interests.

We must all stand up and say ‘Get Your Grubby Hands Off Our Taxes’ before they rob us blind.  Actually I would let them have this money if they would go to an election NOW it would be worth it to be rid of at least the worst of them.


regards Kev.