Hajnal expressing her view to the extreme left

Today in the pouring rain hundreds of mums and dads gathered at Max Brenner, Southbank, to stand up for a business who has come under attack because of its connection to the Jewish state. We stood strong, united and defiant as we were confronted by the Green/Socialist Alliance who unashamedly hurled their anti-Semitic and racist chants.

As an Israeli born Australian, I consider there to be no greater affront to our democracy, our freedoms, and our way of life then the Australian Greens policy of BDS which aims to boycott Jewish owned businesses here in Australia.

Average mums and dads said to me today that their Australia was being robbed by the Green’s agenda to turn Australia into the 1920’s & 1930’s Germany.  Today, people from all walks of life turned up to show their support for Israel, a nation besieged by malevolent neighbours.

Predominantly the counter protest against the Greens was organised by the people at the Australian Tea Party. Also in attendance were young folk from the universities, organised by Dani Keys. I had the pleasure of meeting people from the Jewish community who put the word out on the grapevine that their culture, their religion, was under assault from the extreme Greens.

Methinks the TEA party and APDM led the way !

 Mostly the people there were just your average mums and dads. People who braved the weather. People who would belong the Australian Tea Party; Aussies with core conservative values and hearts of gold. People who believe they have been Taxed Enough Already; morally and economically.

Despite the weather and the short notice we outnumbered the violent Socialist/Greens three to one. There are many more peaceful people in Australia then there are hate-filled racists. I’ve always found Australians to be quite laid back and tolerant of everyone’s viewpoints, but that was not the case today. The violence that was seen at the Melbourne protest by the Greens stirred average folk into action; taking a stance against the persecution of Jews. I was proud to see average people turn out to reject the Green’s agenda.

Recently, the NSW attorney general Greg Smith, declared at a speech to the Sydney University that the Greens BDS policy was an ‘ugly underbelly’, racist, anti-Semitic and reminiscent of Germany in the 1930’s.

More and more Australians are speaking out against both the economically damming and socially repugnant views of the extreme Australian Greens.

The Victorian Government has referred the violent BDS campaigners in Melbourne who sought to stop Max Brenner patrons from entering the premises to the ACCC for alleged breaches of the Trade Practices Act, in particular the provisions surrounding secondary boycotts. The Australian Greens are doing Australia’s international reputation immeasurable harm. Let’s not forget these people are in coalition with the Gillard Government.

It is well known that members of the Gillard Government are uncomfortable with the cosy relationship between Gillard and Bob Brown. Recently, Kevin Rudd met with Michael Danby, Member for Melbourne Ports, in Max Brenner Melbourne for a coffee so as to highlight his opposition to the Green’s BDS.

The test though for Mr Rudd to show true support for Israel and a peaceful and democratic Australia is not sipping lattes in inner city Melbourne, but rather, he and other senior ALP members taking a stand and putting the Australian Greens last on their how to vote cards.

At the last Victorian election the ALP finally built the courage and followed the Liberals’ example by putting the extremist Australian Greens last.

Here in Queensland, Labor’s attitude to the Greens is somewhat different.  While various members of Parliament such as Kate Jones demand the LNP put One Nation last, Anna Bligh has declared the decision whether or to put the Australian Greens last is one that she will “not be bullied into”.

“Bullied” is such an interesting word for our Premier to use when discussing the Australian Greens. The extreme racist Greens have a policy to intimidate Jewish businesses similar to Hitler’s policies, yet the Premier feels that it is okay to tell others where to put other parties on their how to vote cards. Bligh’s silence on this matter can only be taken as an endorsement of the Green’s BDS.

It is my goal to keep Australians informed of the extreme views of the Australian Greens. Nothing is more offensive then blatant racism in Australian politics.

As prominent American commentator Glenn Beck recently said, we must stand by Israel because since the day Israel was created in 1948 it has been under consistent attack by every single one of its neighbours. Now the attacks on Israel and Jews have come to our shores, a very ugly underbelly. We must stand strong and declare at this juncture; “Never Again!”

Hajnal Black 

(Hajnal was particularly courageous and determined on the day)

this protest was originally devised

Publicly by Dani Keys (sisters Dani and Nat were absolute warriors on the day )


and of course privately  by the Brisbane contingent of the TEA Party ( Special mention to Ashley and Tegan)


Also APDM ( Wyatt and Darren were outstanding), ADL ( Rosina yet again),..the local Jewish community and  many many others I’m sure I’d miss many if i tried to name them all!


We got a tiny article in the Sunday Mail  page 12 near the bottom. typical