For Carbon Dioxide..Return Of The Ration Card ???

None of the Above.

It seems that everyone except Professor Garnaut knows that the PM’s “Price on Carbon” is a

“Tax on Carbon Dioxide”.

The more she denies this fact, the less we trust anything she says.

Her “carbon tax” is so unpopular that she is now proposing its early replacement by Emissions Trading

Scheme Mark 2.

There are two essential elements to an emissions trading scheme.

First, the tonnage of carbon dioxide produced will be rationed by law – so it is back to the old war-time

ration cards.

No one can produce harmless carbon dioxide without having a ration card.

But unlike the old ration cards which were provided free, these carbon ration permits will be sold

by the government.

They act exactly like a tax on production – just another underhand tax on carbon dioxide.

These permits to emit hot air can be traded.

They will become profitable playthings for bankers and speculators.

Europe has shown that fraudsters flourish and permit prices vary wildly.

Imagine producers seeking investment certainty in an Emissions Trading Casino.

A simple fixed tax is far better than a complex variable tax.

But the best Carbon Tax result is for Parliament to vote “None of the Above”.



Viv Forbes

Carbon Sense Coalition