How did GetUp convince over 350,000 to become advocates for a political movement for collectivisation and removal of property rights?  To approve a policy of enslaving employers to employees and to confirm a policy that destroys the capacity of the knowledge of the wise to be passed to the inexperienced?

For decades the Education Program of collectivising the minds and motivations of school students has continued to sharpen its wit and will to produce unemployables and Labor/Green voters.

The very psyche of the student is perfectly attended to accept the mantra of the Greens Manifesto which to me has many similarities to the timbre of the Koran.

The appearance of doing good is very important to today’s youth especially if the movement for doing that supposed good is at someone else’s expense.

Adam Smith is possibly the first to document ‘In order to learn profoundly, teach’. John Kehoe’s “Mind Power” took it further “What you concentrate on grows, what you concentrate on becomes real, you become what you concentrate on.”

Therefore even well intentioned new school teachers are soon corrupted from the socialist tripe they are obliged to teach. “The compromise you become with each compounding lie” (My view)

Governments do not create wealth, Governments consume wealth. A Government hangs a man then pays a tax collector, a school teacher, a law maker and a member of the thought police to each grab a leg of a stool and slide it

under the hanging(ed) man and as the tourniquet is loosened the Government says “We have given you incentive to keep living. You can start breathing again, you can keep producing, you can keep working and employing and you must be grateful for the incentive we have given you.”

The school leavers leave school with a deep seated physic belief system that has encompassed their spirit with inhibitors that ensure their unemployability.

The school leaver’s sub-conscious belief system manifests itself consciously-


Not that all are equal in opportunity and that all are equal before God.

They feel, think and ‘know’ that their profound equality means that the knowledge and experience of the wise is already theirs. There is no opening for incoming information. As the child is equal the knowledge of another is

unwelcome and begrudged. Information is received with a wry face, with a grimace, with folded arms and a snarl and a sneer and a surly countenance. The smile and sense of gratitude are absent. The desire for apprenticeship and the quest for  knowledge are replaced with the false concept of “I know”.

Gratitude for instruction and direction is non existent. The teaching that expressions of gratitude empower the brain’s capacity to recall instructive information is non-existent.  Incessant “I know” said by automatic response finally silencing the instructor into a state of bewilderment and distrust.

“I know” means “shut-up”. “Shut-up” means “I know”.

Without training in smiling by fast food chains few of to-days youth would have training in smiling or saying “thankyou”.

*IN ‘WE’:*

Distress-fully almost the only time the school leaver says ‘I’ is when they say “I know”.

They say “How much do we get paid?”  “What hours do we have to work?”

“What do we say on the phone?” “What is the dress code for us?”

The universal adoption of the word “we” instead of the word “I” promotes the belief of negated responsibility. Instead of being able to expect and accept responsibility for their actions or inaction, to-days’ youth think and feel and act out their ‘programming’ of thinking as a collective organism instead of themselves as a great and marvellous individual creation.

“It’s not our responsibility to make money, it is the boss’s”.  “People go into business to serve the public”.  “You (only) learn from your mistakes”.

“The customer is always right.”  “What’s best for other staff is best for us all”. “It’s not our fault”.

The concentration of the fake and false belief that “You learn from your mistakes” has perfectly prepared to-days youth to accept the economic failings of Rudd and Gillard. And to deny any possibility that the Greens will make any mistakes that matter anyway as the Greens will learn from them and we all will be better off.

Mistakes have to be paid for either at one’s own or someone else’s expense. Were the schoolies taught “You pay for your mistakes and you learn from your successes” and “The best path to the self fulfilment of parenthood and continuance of your genes into the centuries to come is to learn from the observation of others who are doing the task correctly”. (Observation skill and Quest for Knowledge)

To excuse the repetitiveness of the mistakes that mistake makers make (who think they learn with each (unnecessary) mistake the apologist’s word “sorry” has reached plague proportions.


The word ‘sorry’ continues to expand in vocab of the youth. Whenever spoken to by an elder the youth’s common response is “Sorry?”.

Sort of replacing the word “pardon”  I say ‘sort of’ because that is not really what is being said. When they say “Sorry” what is really being said is – “Say it again. When things are said to me twice there is time to work out the answer”.

Or “I did not bother to listen to you as you spoke to me so say it again Sam.”

Or “Please speak more clearly as I did not hear you”

“Sorry” is not only used as the means to obtain a repeating of a question or instruction.

“Sorry” is also used as a tool to permanently accept their own degree of negated responsibility.

Or to put the previous sentence in another way ‘Sorry” is used as a permanent excuse for a mistake that the person saying it intends to keep making over and over again.

“Sorry” has replaced truth. The youth have little personal truth left from gross overuse of the word “sorry’.

They say “Sorry” when they bump you instead of “I’ve bumped you may I


Or “I will make sure that does not happen again.”

Because “Sorry” is so ingrained in the vocabulary the capacity to create from situations and circumstances are denied. Instead of hearing and responding and creating in given situations and circumstances and exercising the capacity to converse so gaining knowledge, the communication skill is stunted and so the youth tends to react to situations and circumstances and gains nothing.

“Sorry” has demonstrated itself to be a similar inhibitor to personal development as the alteration to the method of teaching hand writing did.

Children are taught printing and ‘modified cursive’ instead ‘running writing’ to slow their writing. Writing techniques have slowed the capacity of the youth to transfer thought onto paper to so disrupt the developing thought process. Slow the capacity to transfer thought onto paper and the thought process is stunted. Give a child a way out of any kind of truth or responsibility and a way a producing unemployables is determined.

“Sorry” then compounds the belief system of the verbaliser of the word into that of an apologist. The “sorry” saying person programs themselves to believe that they are not a great and marvellous creation. They lose the

capacity to count their blessings or their attributes. The sorry person even starts to diminish their natural attributes. The tall ones think “I’m tall, that’s unfair, and I will stoop.”  The smart ones think “I’m bright I won’t study as much as study will put me to far ahead”.

And then comes “But”.

*IN “BUT”*

“We agree with you but”  … “No, we agree with you”…. “But we agree with you”

“That can be done but”  A most common sentence said by a school leaver in a job interview is “But maths was not something that was easy”.  Or “I (they sometimes use the word “I” when they really have to decry themselves) was never any good at maths.”  Not understanding basic mathematics is desirableif the plan is to remove logic, reason and truth as a thought process leading to judgement for a decision.

Using the word ‘But’ repeatedly and by automatic response programs the verbaliser of this word “But” into a negative mode of communication. When “Agreed but” is said  what the sub-conscious registers is “You don’t agree and can lie to yourself and pretend that you do.”

If a plan is afoot to deny Shakespeare’s advice “And above all else my son to thine own self be true…” the advancing use of the word “But” has to be part of it.

“But I was jus trying to say that that is your opinion and you are entitled to it but I have my opinion and I’m entitled to it so lets agree to differ, sorry.” Is another very common statement made by the school teacher’s product. As truth and logic have to be denied in order to “Justify” an incorrect premise and to acknowledge the right of people to hold an incorrect view, at another’s expense ‘jus’ became a word.

*IN “JUS”*

“Jus” comes from ‘just’ after coming from ‘justify’. The only possible positive use of the word ‘just’ is if the verbaliser wants to say ‘recently’.

In which case it is best to say “I recently washed the car”

“Jus” has entered to vocab as a means of expressing the apologetic view of oneself that is acceptable behaviour to make mistakes. “I jus need a job”  “I jus washed the car”  “I jus said sorry”

“Jus” has found a way to give excuse to personal failure. And provides no help for the future. “But I jus tried to help sorry.”

The very damaging word now taking command of the newyouth is discrimination.


Once accepted as a discerning attribute.  Discrimination is part and parcel of the Godless who deny equality before God and propose that equality should exist everywhere else (that suits the equalists). E.g.  In the employer/employee relationship. Now employers can be equally enslaved to employees with the Unfair Dismissal Law. Now boat people arriving in Australia (who are escaping the tyranny of socialism or Islam or both) have equal rights to the Australians already here. Now society must accept the equal rights of same sex couples to call themselves married and adopt children. Now accept the equality of forcing stay at home wives into a “High Participation” workforce. Discrimination is good for society. Otherwise there need only be one garment and mode of transport and the State would choose your sexual partner for you. None will be permitted to marry and raise children as a family as that activity threatens to discriminate against those who don’t seek to marry before God.

The insinuation that discrimination is wrong means that anyone can cast the first stone and is the smoke screen for the GetUp mind benders to break down decency and the Christian ethic in society. The only line in the sand that an employer draws when interviewing a potential employee is “Will I be able to assist this person to learn how to the do the work the way I want it done so I can profit from employing them?” The denial by GetUp that business owners are in business to produce profits and employ more people to make more profits discriminates against reality and The Bible.

There is a discrimination book that describes so wonderfully the differences between collectivised thought process and the acceptance on individual responsibility for one’s own actions. This book gives me cause for hope. Hope that a Liberal Government will introduce the work as a text book on regaining Government. As text book for ‘political science’, a text book for history, for life and for love of mankind. Also as a Reference Book that gives reference and deserving respect to many of mankind’s forthright economists and personal liberty exponents.


Jimmy D