Gillard’s claim to economic prowess caused her to be mocked at home and abroad.

The G20 summit is the showpiece of globalisation, a talkfest designed for world leaders with free trade and communist agendas to get together and scheme their next move in their clandestine and sneaky push to smother the world with their corrupted Bilderberg backed megalomania. Besides those within her most political and private inner circle, no one knows for certain just how far up the chain of command in the Fabian Society Julia Gillard is, what isn’t a secret is that she has some involvement with this pro-world socialism secret society which can either be defined as official membership or unofficial sympathisation.

I began this article with this introduction to highlight the deluded ideology of Julia Gillard which has fuelled her misguided push to introduce a carbon tax in Australia at the very same time when many other countries which had either introduced carbon pricing or toyed with the idea have abolished it.

The fact is that there is more reputable science out there disproving CO2 climate change than proving it, and what Gillard and most in the federal ALP don’t want to hear is that hypothetical alternative causes of climate change such as upper atmosphere methane build up from agrarian footprints and deforestation are a lot more likely to be the cause of what little man made climate change has occurred to date.

Yes there is major ice melt occurring in Greenland, the Artic and Antarctica and because I don’t want people to accuse me of being a narrow-minded denialist and not the open-minded pragmatist that I am, I would like to place it on record for the umpteenth time that I believe in climate change to the point where I believe most definitely that deforestation right around the world has had a very adverse effect on regional weather systems in many (but not all) instances.

The theory about upper atmosphere methane being a cause of altering regional weather systems is exactly that, a theory. But it’s just as logical hypothesis as blaming CO2 for tangible variations in weather patterns. That’s the only concession the climate change lobby will get out of me – that industrial CO2, like agrarian methane, might have had a very marginal effect on weather systems where possibly it has caused a few more extreme weather events than what would have incurred had their never been an industrial revolution.

The carbon tax is the ultimate Gillard folly, her next biggest folly was her trumping of the Australian economy and the economic management credentials of the Australian Labor Party at the G20 conference in Mexico and her quite belligerently telling other world leaders, including those at the helm of EU nations that are under the hammer of impending bankruptcy how they should run their countries and what economic policies they should adopt. She neglected to tell her audience of world leaders of all the excess borrowings which her government has made back home in Australia to fund an endless list of white elephant infrastructure projects, a grossly over-budgeted NBN, an army of climate change spin doctors and all the other unequitable government handouts which Australia and the Australian taxpayer simply can no longer afford.

Exactly the same kind of excess unsustainable borrowings which has put Greece and Spain into a bottomless pit of debt. Gillard failed to tell the world leaders at the G20 summit that reckless ALP fiscal social welfare funding has in fact put Australia into a huge amount of debt, which were it not for a reasonable good GDP outlook on the back of the booming export commodities market, would have already bludgeoned Australia to a pulp and turned the place into an economic banana republic.

Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan are dangerous people in terms of their ideological commitment to the globalisation and free trade cause, and its free trade which has torn the heart out of the Australian manufacturing industry. A booming commodities market and good GDP figures on paper can’t camouflage the reality that the Australian economy at a grassroots user end level is positively a hard economic struggle with more Australians than ever falling into deep debt.

No Gillard didn’t mention that either at the G20 summit.

Tim Badrick for the editors