Gillard is fed up with the Asylum Seeker issues….I wonder why?  It must be because that bad man Tony Abbott won’t let her do what she wants, to create more bad policy.

No, it isn’t that, it is that her own caucus is fed up with her, the people of Australia are fed up with her, and she is fed up with bad press and polls.  But the ultimate was she is fed up the Houston Report she hoped would vindicate her, has dealt her another political bombshell, they have virtually endorsed the Pacific Solution that was in place until Labor tore it down in 2008, and now after over 20,000 people arrived illegally on our shores in the pursuing 4 years.

As a result of this report, and her caucus sharpening their knife’s Gillard has claimed she is fed up and now wants it to go away via the recommendations of this report, a report very similar to what the Coalition has been telling her for 4 years and what Labor have claimed would not work in today’s Australia.  Oh how I love to see a hypocrite try to save face, but in this case with the result being Gillard’s face, it is not worth saving.

The Panel tried to help the Government by putting some credence to the Malaysian Solution if a number of issues can be sorted, but no one else will accept this so Labor to pursue this will be left in the wilderness.

Recommendation 4 of the Report:

The Panel recommends that bilateral cooperation on asylum seeker issues with Indonesia be advanced as a matter of urgency, particularly in relation to:

•    The allocation of an increased number of Humanitarian Program resettlement places for Indonesia (paragraphs 3.20-3.22).

•    Enhanced cooperation on joint surveillance and response patrols, law enforcement and search and rescue coordination (paragraphs 3.20-3.22).

•    Changes to Australian law in relation to Indonesian minors and others crewing unlawful boat voyages from Indonesia to Australia (paragraphs 3.20-3.22).

It is now time to put the pressure on Indonesia again to allow the return of ships to their ports and to take seriously their responsibility to the illegal smuggling trade on their shores.  With the amount of Naval vessels they claim are fighting the Piracy trade on the far side of Indonesia, a Pirate boat would need to weave between them before attacking any innocent boats.  And yet because of this Indonesia claims it does not have the capacity to search their waters for illegals or to do search and rescue missions.

Since 2008, 604 people have died whilst leaving port on these  Suspected Illegal Entry Vessel (SIEV).

On October 13 last year the Immigration Minister Chris Bowen saw the light.  He urged Julia Gillard to reintroduce offshore processing.

He urged her to do the deal to reopen Nauru, to do the deal with Tony Abbott to stop the boats.  That argument was rejected and it is reported today that it was rejected because it was believed it would weaken her leadership. It was rejected, according to the Australia, for purely political reasons.

It would have looked bad, so since then, since that decision in October last year to reject the Minister’s argument to reopen Nauru, 123 boats have arrived.  Carrying 9777 Asylum seekers.

The consequence of this pig-headed political decision was a further 338 people have drowned trying to get to Australia.

So regardless of whether it was a result of Gillard’s political decision or not, her failure to successfully do anything about these boats has resulted in 604 deaths with 338 deaths occurring after her own Immigration Minister recommended returning to the Pacific Solution.

Julia, fed up or not this is more blood on your hands and YOU must be held into account for it.