Socialist Hero Worship???

The tales of incompetence and leftist lunacy seem all too familiar…Consider just a few examples of Big Government policy from Obama..US Federal inspectors made a routine visit to 11 homes in St. Louis to see what taxpayers got for the $5 billion that President Obama spent to help Americans weatherise their homes to save energy.

What they found was quite a surprise. Some of the energy-efficient furnaces installed at taxpayer expense spewed carbon monoxide that could poison occupants. New water heaters lacked required pressure valves, putting them in jeopardy of exploding. And a handful of contractors—unfamiliar with the nuances of specialized weatherization work—had used air blowers in homes with asbestos, potentially dispersing the cancer-causing agent, according to several Energy Department inspector-general reports.  Energy Department investigators found that 14 per cent of weatherization projects surveyed, from Tennessee to West Virginia, failed to meet safety or quality standards. Many customers were poor or elderly, with few resources to pursue wayward contractors.In addition to the above weatherisation problems, an internal Labour Department report disclosed this month that a multibillion-dollar program to retrain workers for green-energy jobs met only 10 per cent of its goal of creating 80,000 jobs.A federal renewable-energy lab in Colorado that got nearly $300 million from another green-energy program began laying off 10 per cent of its workforce last month.

Republicans put the taxpayer cost of each green-energy job created by the stimulus at more than $1 million.Typical socialist efficiency with the publics money.

The White House acknowledged it hit “bumps” although it insists the payoff will become clearer down the road. “Any time you take historic action you’re certainly going to learn lessons,” says Heather Zichal, Obama’s chief energy and environment adviser. “These investments are not just about the jobs they are creating today but also support the long-term competitiveness and health of this important sector of our economy.”

Some of the biggest immediate beneficiaries of the green revolution, ironically, may have been politicians themselves. Executives of the top 50 recipients of the government’s green-energy aid have donated more than $2 million to federal campaigns since Obama took office. Some of the biggest recipients of green stimulus money—including NRG Energy and Consolidated Edison—made six-figure donations to candidates and interest groups. The industry as a whole has ponied up more than $5 million from its executives and political action committees, a notable increase from a formerly quiet sector. Democrats have been the main beneficiaries of clean-energy money. But Republicans have tapped their allies in the fossil-fuel industries—Exxon Mobil and Koch Industries have been the biggest donors, and overwhelmingly to Republicans—for more than $20 million in donations since Obama took office.

This is remarkable in it’s similarity to Gillard’s Government programs i.e. Pink Batts, BER, plans for creating green jobs, and in popularity over bad policies.  It seems clear  Gillard is following Obama’s lead in policy and their disdain for democracy.  For 2 such physically different people it is incredible how much they are alike when you look at their leadership inabilities

 regards Kev.