Gillard’s Plan For Our Australia’s Constitution?

Lets change the’s only a small us… nothing to see here..relax …BUT..If this is so sensible… why has it not been completed before now? Is there a hidden agenda? Should we trust this current disgraceful crop of politicians? (the editor)

Australia’s Constitution Under Attack!

The Commonwealth Government is committed to holding a referendum on this issue during the current Parliament or at the next election. There is currently support across the political spectrum for some form of recognition of local government. However, before any referendum can be held, the proposal must pass both Houses of the Parliament.

If this went to referendum, this highly paid panel of experts would not really be needed, however, this Government wants to spend another huge amount of our taxes to ensure the referendum is as stacked as possible to ensure this occurs.  Do not underestimate this process it is another expensive attack on our democracy and Constitution.


This is from a discussion paper on  This and a supposedly expert panel has already been formed, well in advance to any discussion about the Government being committed to this.  It is a way of strengthening the political ties with even more entities, and lessening our individual rights and doing the opposite of what is truly required we need smaller Government and whether this means super councils and dismantling of state Governments with Commonwealth Government or getting rid of Local Governments, it is what we truly need to ensure our taxes do not rise faster than the cost of living even.

Consider the sheer cost of this panel to the Australian taxpayer?  They should be teleconferencing as a way to reduce cost at least.  These people have been carefully selected to ensure they put forward the strongest possible case for changing the Constitution.

The Expert Panel should, report on and make recommendations regarding:

  1. the level of support for constitutional recognition among stakeholders and in the general community; and
  2. options for that recognition.

The Expert Panel will have regard to the benefits and risks of the different options as well as outcomes that may be achieved for key stakeholders through constitutional recognition of local government.

Terms of Reference

In conducting its inquiry, the members of the Expert Panel will consult :

  • Local governments and their representative bodies, including the Australian Council of Local Government and the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA);
  • State and Territory governments;
  • Federal parliamentarians;
  • Subject matter experts, such as constitutional reform, local government and regional government experts; and
  • Interested members of the Australian community.

The Expert Panel will be supported by a secretariat within the Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government.

Yes I know it sounds innocuous, except, look at the expert panel, it is not a cross section of experts, it is yet again people with strong views to see the change.  Look at the Terms of Reference, WE are not considered highly in this process, and we will see the same as the sudden and quietly advertised meetings for the Carbon Tax.  This is the Commonwealth Government driving change in the Constitution for Local Government, WH?Y, to allow another arm of support for their Parties to be recognised and to again increase the size of Government in Australia,  Beware this encroachment on our Constitution, it is the beginning of a very dangerous positional push by the Socialist groups in Australia who want to see overwhelming changes in the Constitution.

Remember there is only one way that Australia’s most important legal and political document can be changed:
that is by all Australians voting at a referendum. Any proposal to change the Constitution has to win an absolute majority of voters across Australia, as well as in a majority of the States.

Who is this supposedly unbiassed ‘expert’ Panel ?

I have listed them at the bottom of the page for reference, but all have a stake in seeing the Constitution changed.  They are basically a Socialist panel, which is why they would want to expand Government, however, thanks to the current Australian Constitution The decision will be out of their hands despite the expected advertising campaign prior to the referendum.

This does not need to occur though.

Chief Justice Spigelman, 65, will have served more than 13 years in the job when he retires at the end of May.. The timing, so close to the election, denies the Labor Party he has been close to the chance to appoint his successor.

Read more:–retirement-20110318-1c0lj.html#ixzz1c7fxPpao
Chief Justice Spigelman holds Arts and Law degrees from the University of Sydney. From 1972 he was Senior Advisor and Principal Private Secretary to Prime Minister Whitlam, before being appointed as Permanent Secretary of the Department of Media in 1975.

Councillor Paul Bell

Professor A.J. Brown is the John F. Kearney Professor of Public Law at Griffith University.
Originally a Canberra lad (son of famed press gallery journalist Wallace Brown), he went to the University of New South Wales and later worked as an investigator for the Commonwealth Ombudsman and as associate to Justice (Tony) Fitzgerald, president of the Queensland Court of Appeal.

Fr Joe Caddy

CatholicCare will be doing a deal with Government for their involvement in this.

Ross Cameron

Ross a Ex Liberal Minister was involved in floating the shares of his company MyATM
who made increased investors’ concerns by this month’s departure of himself as a My ATM director- which triggered a further slump in the company’s 20 cent shares to their current level of just over 4 cents each.

When he was in politics, Mr Chapman – My ATM’s other ex-Liberal – was one of the driving forces behind the direct charge system for ATMs that the company’s business model is based on. He is now down more than $1.6 million on paper on his investment. “But I’m quite confident of the long term future of the company,” he said yesterday.

The company reported at the end of March 2011, it had just $437,000 in cash left. In February, one month after it listed on the stock market, it announced a $2.6 million loss: a result Mr Scala has admitted was worse than expected.

My ATM makes money in two ways: by selling ATM machines to investors at up to $14,000 each, and taking a cut of about a quarter of the machines’ $2 fees in exchange for “placement” of the ATMs in convenient locations, like pubs and service stations, where there is no competition.
The difference with this and many others is he is a ex Liberal that did this, unlike Labor whose Ministers, do similar while in office. Mr Ross Cameron’s reputation is now very questionable.

Peter Clarke

MELBOURNE Council’s planning chair Peter Clarke is standing down after being appointed the head of a new State Government development body.

Cr Clarke has accepted an offer from Planning Minister Matthew Guy to head up the Urban Renewal Authority, which will drive development in Docklands and other proposed sites such as E-Gate, Fisherman’s Bend and Richmond Station.

Cr Clarke – a Liberal Party stalwart – was elected to the council in 2004.

Rob Hudson

was a member of the Victorian Legislative Assembly from 2002 to 2010.  During his time in Parliament, Mr Hudson was Chair of the Victorian Parliamentary Law Reform Committee, Parliamentary Secretary for Infrastructure, Parliamentary Secretary for Public Transport, and Parliamentary Secretary to the Premier.  Prior to entering Parliament, he worked at the Brotherhood of St Laurence, and was the Director of the Victorian Council of Social Service. In 1993, he was appointed Senior Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia. He held this position for three years before becoming the CEO of Work Placement. From 1999 to 2002, he held the position of Social Policy Director to the Premier of Victoria.
He is a Labor hack who will do as told.

Karlene Maywald

was elected to the South Australian Parliament as the Member for Chaffey from October 1997 to March 2010. She was appointed as a Cabinet Minister from July 2004 until March 2010. Her Portfolio responsibilities included The River Murray, Water Security, Small business, Regional Development, Consumer Affairs, Science and Information Economy, and Assisting the Minister for Industry and Trade, at different times during the almost six years she was a Minister.

Another Labor hack who will spout the party line

Genia McCaffery

has been Mayor of North Sydney since 1995, was President of the NSW Local Government & Shires Association (LGSA) from 2004 to 2010, and was elected President of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) in November 2010. She has represented local government on a range of Boards and committees including Resource NSW, Sydney Harbour Councils Group, NSW State of Environment Report Advisory Council, and chaired the Local Government Advisory Committee on Waste Policy for the NSW Department of Environment and Conservation. Mayor McCaffery is also on the Board of the NSW Environment Protection Authority and the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust.

One of the Councillors who were full of their own importance and now want to have Councils recognised as an official third line of Government.


Mr Greg McLean OAM

is Assistant National Secretary of the Australian Services Union (ASU), with responsibilities for a range of sectors including local government. Mr McLean is also a Director of Essential Energy (previously ‘Country Energy’), a New South Wales Government-owned corporation, and is a Director of Government Skills Australia. Mr McLean has previously represented the ASU at meetings of the Australian Council of Local Government and has participated in a range of Local Government related projects and forums, within Australia and Internationally.

He was awarded a medal of the Order of Australia in June 2011 for services to industrial relations.

He now has to repay the receipt of OAM with involvement in this panel.

Professor Sansom

has been Director of the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) Centre for Local Government since 1998, and added the role of Director of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government (ACELG) in 2009. He has over 35 years of experience in local and state government in both New South Wales and Western Australia. From 1994 to 1998, Professor Sansom was Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Local Government Association. Professor Sansom is a Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia, and a member of the steering committee of the Australian Council of Local Government.
Graham is now a senior member of the board of the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, and edits the Commonwealth e-Journal of Local Governance. In recent years he has undertaken a wide range of international projects in Asia, South Africa and the Pacific.

Lisa Scaffidi

“The reality is we are a small city of two million people. A market of two million people is never going to serve us so well; we need a market of 15 million people.”

Mr Jim Soorley AM

Was The Labor Party Lord Mayor of Brisbane from 1991 to 2003. Since leaving the Mayoralty, Mr Soorley has been working as a consultant  particularly for the State Labor government . Former Mayor Soorley can be fairly described as a Labor hack.

Lucy Turnbull
 Lord Mayor of Sydney from 2003 to 2004 and Deputy Lord Mayor from 1999 to 2003. In 2010, Ms Turnbull was appointed Deputy Chair of an expert advisory panel that is supporting a COAG Reform Council review of capital cities’ strategic planning systems. In 2011, Ms Turnbull was made an Officer of the Order of Australia for distinguished service to the community, to local government, and to business. She has a background in commercial legal practice and investment banking. Although Malcolm Turnbull’s wife, she has made a name for herself independently and has a expected interest in this panel, especially after the carrot of her OA was in the offing.

Bob Brown

What can you say, he should see the need for smaller Government on a environmental level at the least, but he will play the Labor line on this, while trying to control the process.

Jane Prentice was elected Liberal Member for Ryan at the 2010 election after the more conservative sitting Liberal member was dumped . Prior to this, she served for 10 years on the Brisbane City Council, being elected Councillor for the Walter Taylor Ward in 2000.Her husband Ian Prentice was spectacularly defeated as the Liberal member for Toowong by Sir Joh’s more conservative National Party candidate  in the 1983 state election.

Sid Sidebottom is the Labor Member for Braddon, in North West Tasmania. He was a senior secondary college teacher and administrator from 1975 until 1998 when he was elected to Federal Parliament as theLabor  MP for Braddon.

Tony Windsor is the so called Independent Member for New England in the Parliament of Australia. ( No bias to Labor here …lol)

Do you really Trust These People???

 regards Kev