In came the new broom for Labor to save us and them, her first master stroke came in the first couple of days when she introduced a Carbon Tax policy, which she promised a day before the election she would never introduce.

She followed this up with:

  1. BER  – which was rorted so much we were paying over a $1 million to build a shed.
  2. Digital Revolution – every student will have a laptop. Some schools have taken the money and rented out the laptops to students, but the big rort is when all students have a laptop, their will be a single Network to ensure the students learn what the Government want them to learn. already a $1.4 billion blowout.
  3. NBN a single Digital Network, which will cost $40 – $70 billion to complete.  This is being rolled out at a highly accelerated rate to ensure it has gone beyond the point of dismantling it.  It will in fact be Government owned and they will be able to filter it to suit their needs.  They also coupled this with Digital phone lines, which means in a power cuts we will have no telephone network, except mobile phones.
  4. FWA  a organisation that does not conduct criminal investigations, but have the power to refuse police access to information  that would allow the Police to investigate criminal allegations.
  5. Home Insulation Plan – after the deaths of 4 workers, due to no OH&S and fake claims for payments had to be discarded
  6. Promised Citizens Assembly, after knifing the then P.M.  KRudd, this was dumped as it was too democratic for the current Government.
  7. Hospital Reform – one of the platforms for election – the closest they have come to doing anything on this is trying to close down the HSU and the new NDIS  which may never be established as it is an election ploy.
  8. Digital Set-top Boxes –  EVERY set-top box delivered under Labor’s digital TV rollout could be costing the taxpayer an average of $698 — almost double the government’s original estimate, more than 30 times the cost of a box bought at a department store and far more expensive than a new 106cm flatscreen TV.
  9. Mining Tax – a deal has been done with major Mining companies, as seen with the dropping of the Mining Company campaign against the Govt.  The rest of the Mining community is having to pay this excessive tax
  10. Illegal Boat arrivals – After dismantling the Howard Governments policy that worked effectively this Government has managed to attract greater and greater number of boats.  It has reached a level, this Government has used hotels to house Asylum seekers and is now looking at giving them Bridging Visas and paying for people to put them up in their homes ??
  11. Cutting red tape – There has been 12,835 new regulations introduced with only 58 repealed
  12. Green Loans Program – Abandoned, only 3.5% of promised loans delivered.
  13. Childcare Centres – 260 promised – 38 delivered – Abandoned  
  14. $900 Stimulus cheques – Sent to dead people and overseas residents. The majority spent on junk food and Flat Screen TV’s
  15. Solar Homes & Community Plan – Shut down after $534 Million Blow out
  16. GP Super Clinics – 64 promised only 11 operational
  17. Defence Family Healthcare Clinics – 12 were promised but as usual with Defence 0 were delivered
  18. Trade Training Centres – 2,650 were promised there are only 70 operational.
  19. National Curriculum – states in uproar, as it is controlling a Left view agenda
  20. Small business Superannuation Clearing House – 99% of small business reject it.
  21. Delivery of 6 submarines – none are operational
  22. Defence cuts – Troops sent to Afghanistan underequipped including no body armor.
  23. Defence cuts – Troops charged if non combatants are shot in course of their duties.
  24. Defence Cuts – Compo only available the first time you are shot in the same area of the body,  I guess the second time they consider it careless of you
  25. Defence Cuts – $4 billion will be cut from the Defence budget to allow Labor to deliver a surplus.  God save our brave troops from this irresponsible Government.
  26. Asylum Seekers – Govt to pay 5000 homes $300 per week tax free to house a asylum seeker meaning a minimum of $1,500,000 paid out to house people without ID and who will have inadequate checks.  Australian families are now being asked to house asylum seekers who have arrived illegally by boat, including those whose claims have been rejected, shows just how desperate Labor have become over their failed border protection policies which have seen almost 17,000 people now arrive on 301 boats.”
  27. Carbon Trading Scheme – So many Countries pulled out of the Carbon Pricing, we have no one left to trade with
  28. Selling off Australia to China – this is a unspoken policy, until you see how many properties have been purchased.
  29. Pay rise – found the funds to increase PM pay from $384,000 – $473,000
    found the funds to increase Treasurers pay from $287,000 – $369,000
    Departmental Secretaries have received a minimum pay rise of 31% and yet the Public Services were only granted a 3% pay rise, by this Tribunal, which did not even match the average of 4.1% for the Private Sector.  So for these Senior staff they warranted a 10 times larger wage rise than their staff that do all the work in the Departments.
  30. Uranium mining – Julia Gillard has suddenly decided to sell Uranium to the Indians on a handshake they won’t use it to create nuclear weapons. Does the promise, “There will be no Carbon Tax under the Government I lead” ring a bell Julia ?
  31. Healthcare – successfully made Private Healthcare unaffordable for many Australians who are forced to go back to the over whelmed Public system
  32. Hospital  Reform – apart from the NDIS the hospital system is no better off than they were previous to this Government buying the election
  33. Economy – In its quarterly statement on monetary policy today, the RBA confirmed that, although Europe’s sovereign debt crisis remains the biggest risk to world economy, its interest rate cut on Tuesday was a response to slower economic activity in Australia.  This is not about to speed up on the back of this Government’s budget. I believe it is irresponsible for the Government to be pushing ahead with achieving a surplus in the budget at a time where Australians have been struggling so much.
  34. Overseas aid – we currently spend $4.8 Billion in aid overseas, this money would have a marked impact INAustralia

This Government is hurting all Australians even more in order to get a Budget Surplus, however what this does not address is the National Debt of $151,540,199,714.00  which is still growing at horrendous rate thanks to this Governments need to borrow to match their real spending.  Yet instead of delaying the NBN, they hit our Defence Force with spending cuts and increased taxation.

The Carbon Tax, will hurt your pockets when they take it off you, but will hurt you a lot worse afterwards as the Government is well aware.  Business will recover their costs by raising their prices as these come down the line the raised prices attract GST as well so it has hit twice, by the time it gets to us this price hike may have gone through 2 or three hands, each time a higher price, each time attracting more GST and when it hits us it will be at it’s peak price and still will attract GST. Assuming the item was originally $100 by the time it hits the third set of hands it becomes $133.21with out transport costs, handling costs, profit margins and having to off set the Carbon Tax.  As you can see this cost could well have increased this cost to $235.00 by now with all the additional costs and the 2 taxes that will be applied.

Still feel the Carbon Tax will be ok, because you will get $300 a year in compensation, if you are lucky enough to earn a low enough wage that is.  That MAY cover the original price setter, but will leave you the costs added on by the others in the process and the additional GST that will be charged.  

At no time in my recollection has Australia had a worse Government and such poor economic skills, I also cannot believe in Australia we have no way of stopping a Government so out of control.  While most of us were sleeping the Left for many years have been setting this up by changing legislation over the years that looked innocuous, look at what has changed in this Government’s term,  12.285 new regulations and Legislation.  Even her political coup of appointing a new speaker blew up in her face.  This is a PM that needs to cut and run for the sake of her own party and every Australian resident.