In their own document it shows our emissions have dropped considerably in the last 20 years and yet they are hitting us with a Carbon Tax when we are achieving considerable pollution reduction without it.

THE trading system claims to reduce greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere by putting a limit on emissions…..  Ok this situation will then have it fixed, surely?  Limit Emissions to a level where you want it and why hit the rest of us as well ?

Within this cap, 1000 of the nation’s biggest polluters will have to buy permits for each tonne of emissions they produce……….. Now you are going to get increased price of goods to cover the Permit costs to big business and companies can trade unwanted permits. And worse the Heaviest polluters get compensation at the scheme’s start and so it became the next heaviest polluters paying initially + us.

These are designed to act as incentives to reduce emissions…..  This won’t do anything as big polluters pass on the cost.

The carbon price – the cost of each permit – is $23 per tonne.

Under the Federal Government’s model:

  • Heaviest polluters get compensation at scheme’s start, but it will be wound back later
  • Limited assistance for coal-fired power stations
  •  Agriculture excluded until 2013
  • Transport costs offset by reducing petrol excise…. This will not happen

Under the Opposition’s model: Agriculture is permanently excluded

  • Compensation for food producers such as milk- and meat-processing plants
  • More compensation for heavy polluting industries such as aluminium
  • More compensation for coal companies if they agree to reduce emissions

A few issues are around though, firstly will be the pricing, secondly, why have this when the science indicates there is a leaning towards the Climate Change Warnings as being a hoax.  Can we afford to go this way when the Global markets are so fragile. When we have almost no Countries moving in this direction, and in fact even more countries that started this way have rolled back the damage.

When our Emissions are so little compared to the rest of the world, unlike a fabricated report recently released, and the biggest Polluter countries are not employing an ETS and not cutting down on Emissions. 

I have no doubt they need to reduce emissions for pollution is never good, but that isn’t the Global Warming debate, that is a clean and localised Urban air debate.

Our Government is so caught up on the issue, they went after CO2, the very gas we NEED, but then want us all to save the world, which shows the preschool mentality of this Government.

What is happening with Emissions Trading elsewhere

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Australia fails carbon test

Adam Morton said:  Australia’s economywas among the least ready to deal with a low carbon emissions world, study finds.

Virgin lifts fares to cover carbon tax

Matt O’Sullivan Virgin Australia will charge passengers as much as $6 extra for domestic flights to cover the cost of the federal government’s carbon tax.

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LABOR’S internal recriminations about decisions in 2010 that paved the way for its current crisis, have spilt over into the fateful decision to abandon the emissions trading scheme and replace it with a Carbon Tax

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Australia has fast tracked money to help African countries adapt to climate change, the federal government announced at climate talks in South Africa.

Good progress at Durban claimed Combet

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Power supplier allowed to keep trading with $565m debt

LOY YANG POWER, a major supplier to the east coast electricity market, had been forced to ask the corporate regulator for special permission to continue trading in the face of financial strain due to Carbon Pricing.

Not a good look and none of it needed as the last 20 years shows we have reduced our emissions, when Government reports the levels are getting higher.  Who has a record of lying and who has stuck with the truth and evidence throughout this, you be the judge.