Ignorant Incompetence or Deliberate Design.

The war against Australia’s vital small businesses by this government of economic terrorists surges onwards unrelentingly. The consequences are already being felt throughout the whole Australian economy..why are they so seemingly oblivious to future electoral devastation???  Or are they….?

The last couple of weeks i believe provided some clues.

It began with a discussion on tax….lets see, it started off as a Tax Summit but was instead a Tax Forum. Then came the news that this was all a sham … essentially to appease Rob Oakshot and company and so by the end of the week, this thought bubble gap fest was ….a complete waste of time…. BUT  – an entire exercise to shore up key support for the short term.

Some time ago, a fellow by the name of Ken Henry came out with what needs be done in our economy.  The suggestions were long and detailed and highly thought provoking,  this report costing taxpayers millions, yet only 4 suggestions out of 138 at the time were taken up.

As of last week, this has suddenly risen to perhaps another 30 or so suggestions to be taken up, with no discussion at all about the main culprits…the proposal for a Mining Tax and of course the Carbon Tax itself.

Surely this could only be short term camouflage at best…

Don’t they see it… or don’t they care?

Why do they seem determined to put on the helmet and  tough it out regardless?



Do they see their future doomed ? Only seeking to inflict as much ideological lunacy to reward their friends as possible , while gilding their own golden parachutes?

Australia obviously needs a proper and thoughtful discussion of our future direction, as we can’t afford to see it sacrificed for a facade to mask an extremist ideological agenda, seemingly unperturbed by future electoral consequences in order to achieve their great socialist vision.

Now this is utter nonsense coming from this lot of leftist thought bubble intellectuals.

For a population of just 22 million people, Australia has 3 layers of government in Local State and Federal along with a Federal Tax Act numbering in excess of 12000 pages in length.

We need a simpler solution so as to reduce the burden, improve efficiencies, remove loopholes and make Australia competitive so as to encourage jobs growth in full time employment.

We were supposed to have a proper summit on taxes with hopefully the intention of abolishing some taxes, reducing paperwork and complexity and in the process increasing the efficiency of the whole story.

Instead in reality we discover that while us mere folk need to put up with rising costs of living that our jobs are threatened with employment now reverting to more part time and casual employment in an internationally uncompetitive economy with  business confidence at significant lows along with consumer confidence

To make matters worse, at a time of global uncertainity we are to have a Carbon and Mining tax that will make our industries uncompetitive on a world scale and cost jobs and the returns on our superannuation funds will also be effected.


Our Prime Minister for her reward is to double her effective long term salary along with many of her ministers because when this lot are thrown out, their super fund rules are based on a defined benefit in order to determine what money they are to get for the rest of their lives.

Like pigs at the trough….this government and its arrogance has no shame

Yet the facts are dire and confronting.

Are they unrelated???

Consider this:

The retail sector are suffering . Consumer confidence is so bad that the Reserve Bank may well be compelled in November 2011 to lower interest rates. Tax revenue therefore will fall from the retail sector.

Asset values are on a decline along with the non mining sector that is doing things tough.

The result is lower revenue from taxpayers when assets are sold and possibly job losses which will be significant.  Now we all know that if we do not have enough money coming into the house, we will need to borrow on the credit card. Same with government as this  will compel a government to borrow more money thereby compounding the problem further and raising taxes to fund the shortfall.

Bottom line here folks is that unless we wake up fast, we are in for a very rocky story for possibly a significant length of time.

Productivity is also down to its worst number in over 10 years.

The Global Economy from Europe to the US is facing the possibility of either a depression or a recession.  Their efforts to rescue their story remains a hope.   So far the world gets excited at the prospect for a moment then disappointed when things have not worked out.

Yes folks, for all the nonsense of the last few weeks, nothing has been resolved.  There has been no discussion on either the Mining or Carbon Tax. as they have made up their minds that you and I and our thoughts not to mention our families do not matter.

Nothing has come of the Tax Summit other than the waste of taxpayers funds on another meaningless thought bubble gab fest.  This is after 138 recommendations were made by Ken Henry in a report commissioned by the Rudd Gillard government.

A tax summit for the sake of business, industry and ourselves was what we needed.

At a time of severe global uncertainty, we are embarking on a dangerous story of debt and deficit so that our leader of the moment Julia  says – “ I’m the best person for this job”

All this is/was painfully obvious. Too obvious to be just incompetence.

Gillard and her band of yes Minister’s will retire wealthy without any concern for you and I.

Blind Freddy can see the upcoming disaster for Australia from the Brown/Gillard Government.

They just don’t get it

Or do they???


The numbers guy