THEY have honoured and celebrated her for more than 50 years but the Girl Guides have now voted to cut ties with the Queen — and God.

Promising to serve God and the Queen and pledging obedience have been ruled old-fashioned and out of step with modern Australian life by junior and senior guides. Australia’s 28,000 guides will now vow to serve community and country and “live with courage and strength”.

The change to the Guiding Promise and Guide Law begins in units across the country from today. Girl Guides NSW/ACT state commissioner Belinda Allen said it was up to her 10,000 members to decide if Queen Elizabeth’s photograph was removed from inside guide halls.

“Whether they take down pictures of the Queen or keep them in the halls is totally up to the girls,” she said. “They may decide they still like to have pictures of the Queen around but the world has changed and we have to move on.”

Wagggs viewpoint on the Rio +20 conference in Brazil  was said to be:

  • progress on realizing the Rio Principles and delivering on Agenda 21 has to date been appallingly slow.  Of the 27 Principles agreed to in 1992, 17 of them have been judged to have made only limited progress.  Of the 39 chapters in Agenda 21, only limited progress has been made in 21 and some have even regressed (UNDESA Review of implementation of Agenda 21 and Rio Principles Jan 2012)
  • At Rio+20 we must redress the situation by promoting and prioritizing girls and women, children and youth as powerful agents of change, integral to developing a sustainable economy and society.
  • The scandal surrounding the Girl Scout’s distribution of an International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) sex guide at the UN Beijing +15 Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) continues to grow. Some Scout mothers in St. Louis intend to ask the St. Louis Girl Scouts to pull out of the national organization.
  • 2 former Girl Scouts in America, are fighting back and exposing some of the outrageous teachings of the GSA.
    In addition to telling the story of their eight years in the scouts, the blog contains damaging information taken straight out of GSA texts that expose how the group is teaching young girls to embrace abortion, same-sex relationships, and even communism.
    “We refuse to remain silent while this organization’s unscrupulous principles mislead over two million girls in the United States alone,” the Volanskis write.
  • In addition, the Scouts have been criticized for their long-running membership in the 145-nation World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS), a group that promotes abortion and contraception. In 2010, 10 girl scouts from the U.S. were part of a WAGGGS team that was lobbying for abortion rights at a United Nations meeting.This time, rather than just deny the association, Girl Scouts’ CEO Anna Maria Chavez insisted that girls need to engage with peers from around the world and that being a member of a group doesn’t necessarily mean that they endorse the same programs.  However this is the group that has been putting pressure on their Chapters around Australia to remove reference to Queen or God.These are just a few of the many stories from this organisation that is promoting Planned Parenthood, Abortion rights, same sex relationships and communism

It  can be  seen the leadership has been taken over by a Socialist base and therefore would be why they have removed the Queen or God from their oath.  When you add this to the fact they are preaching their agenda to our young girls around the world,  we must think about whether it is time to issue a warning to parents, this seems like it is another attempt to brainwash our youth to the Socialist viewpoint.

More info from ex Girl Scouts who stood up to this organisation and their bravery in speaking against the Organisation, that is now driven by far Left supporters.