In a unprecedented step, the Govt is threatening to fine businesses that speak out against the Carbon Tax, and it’s impact on their business.

“We always strive to keep our prices at reasonable levels but because the carbon tax will make electricity more expensive, our prices will increase. We apologise for these price increases.”

In Mr Abbott’s letter he warns business owners that the carbon tax, which begins on July 1, will add to the operating costs of local butchers across Australia.

”Julia Gillard promised six days before the election ‘there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead’,” he writes.

”This broken promise will do great damage to small businesses like yours and drive up costs.”

But the Assistant Treasurer, David Bradbury, has warned that the Liberal leader has potentially exposed shop owners to fines of up to $1 million each.

Mr Bradbury hit out at Mr Abbott, saying he was improperly giving ”businesses the green light to jack up their prices” and warned that shop keepers who put up their prices without due justification were risking large fines from the ACCC of more than $1 million for each infraction.

He said the ACCC was keeping a careful watch on businesses who overcompensated on prices using the excuse of the carbon price.

”Mr Abbott is recklessly encouraging businesses to increase their prices and to put a sign in their windows – authorised by his small business spokesperson Bruce Billson – blaming the carbon price,” Mr Bradbury said.
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 Let’s face it if it looks like a rat and scuttles like a rat and deserts a sinking ship like a rat, it is without doubt just the result of another Gillard Policy.

We now are living with a Carbon Tax and over the next few years we will see business closing down and prices increasing across the board.  Of course the Government is right we won’t suddenly be inundated, but they fail to answer the inadequacy of their Household Assistance Package , the fact the top 500companies is now closer to the top 300 companies, nor why they are giving a $50 million bailout package to a Briquette company, when to be honest it is this type of company they are trying to force out of production ?

Well, families can tweak their Compensation by working out how you will earn your Family income as can be seen below it can make a big difference, but even more it makes a mockery of the whole Household Assistant Package, as  a single income family earning $80,000 is around $540 per year worse off than if one of you earned $56,000 and the other earned $24,000.  It is all the same figure that makes up the Family income figure of $80,000.  The family is still having to pay it’s bills out of the same income, so what difference does how the family actually earn that amount make?

Family Income                   Income/s                               Price Impact       Compensation
(2xadults, 1x15yo child)

$80,000                                 Single income                    $509 per year       $391 per year

$80,000                                2 income equal                  $541 per year       $642 per year

$80,000                               $56k /$24k                         $527 per year       $958 per year

$90,000                                 One income                       $544 per year        $391 per year

$90,000                              2 equal incomes                 $581 per year        $642 per year

$90,000                                 $63k/$27k                        $570 per year       $782 per year

$100,000                               One income                       $575 per year       $391 per year

$100,000                              equal incomes                   $617 per year       $643 per year

$100,000                           $70k/$30k                           $610 per year       $625 per year

$120,000                               One income                       $629 per year       $354 per year

$120,000                             equal incomes                    $681 per year       $606 per year

$120,000                           $84k/$36k                            $681 per year       $306 per year

$140,000                              One income                        $696 per year       $159 per year

$140,000                            Equal incomes                    $761 per year        $531 per year

$140,000                             $98k/$42k                          $759 per year       $306 per year

But what it does mean, if 2 of you earn $70,000 giving you a family income of $140,000 you actually get assistance of $531 per year?  This is more than the single income family earning $80.000.  The Fairness test of this package seems to equate to a large FAIL.

And as their will be no change to our Temperature on the back of this tax, there will be no benefit as a result to increased prices caused by this Tax,  don’t be fooled, just because prices won’t jump up today Compensation payments don’t exits past 2013/2014 you will be on your own and so will business, meaning prices will then increase again as business need to recoup their losses, and people realise they were duped in the way this was introduced as to how much pain  they will have from this tax.  You can’t use censorship to stop the truth getting out no matter how much you threaten us.

 Gillard the saying is still true, “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”