Climacteric Hysteria

It’s such a joke now this business of Climate Change. …. Acification….. and or chlamidia…… this deeply disturbing event…. is making them sick to the stomach…….  Cycles contracting all the time……. half the adult population infertile,

….. the majority if not all of them suffering a retrovirus……… and he wonders how it would be to be a woman….?
I reckon This clip describes the Green climacteric to a TEA.
In stark contrast to the Green Left’s imagined major changes in health or fortune,
The Air Vent is running a comparison to a recent EU Poll.
Here are the results to date.

Polling the Educated

Posted by Jeff Id on October 8, 2011

Some poll results were recently released by the EU.  They posted the questions on the form with the details.  From the totality of questions, this is intended to be a scientific poll on climate change.   Take the question seriously and write your thoughts.   We’ll do a comparison on Monday or Tuesday of the results.

A scientific poll of tAV readers who are widely educated on the mysteries of AGW:



Aussie Pete.