This should be Very serious….but it is sooo sadly funny.

Most people I know have no problem with understanding or categorising Labor/Green terminology.
One word springs immediately to mind and that is BULLSHIT!
For the layperson and for those who struggle to understand the subtleties of the language used by the Brown/Gillard Government,
Australian Climate Madness interprets has kindly posted this interpretive presentation. 

Fed up with the spin? Confused by the lies? You need ACM’s handy cut-out-n-keep glossary.

Here are a selection of Labor’s climate buzzwords and phrases translated into English for the rest of us:

  • Carbon : Carbon Dioxide
  • Pollution : Environmentally beneficial
  • 500 biggest polluters : 500 most productive industries
  • A carbon tax will help tackle climate change : I failed Kindergarten science!
  • Green jobs: Unemployment
  • There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead : Bob Brown leads the government
  • Greens : Marxists
  • Hottest decade on record : Hottest decade in the last 3 hundred-millionths of the planet’s lifespan
  • Unprecedented : I have the memory of a goldfish!
  • Wind power : An Oxymoron!
  • The science is settled : Shut Up!
  • The debate is over : Shut Up!
  • Bob Brown : A Watermelon.
  • Consensus : Don’t Mention The Science!
  • Climate change is a moral issue : Don’t Mention The Science
  • Green economy :  The Stone Age
  • We must invest in clean technologies : I own shares in the companies that manufacture them
  • The Central Coast is most at risk from rising sea levels : Tanya Plibersek has lost her marbles
  • China is taking action on climate : Greece is a paragon of economic integrity
  • We must respect the science (© M Turnbull) :  We must respect the science that fits our ideology
  • 80% cuts in emissions by 2050 :  The lunatics have taken over the asylum
  • Deniers : the Government
Soooo very funny …but it is so very serious.
Gillard/Brown …..they really are a sad joke!
Best regards
Aussie Pete