Just when I was trying to decide what to blog, Anthony Albanese can be relied on for inspiration.

Albanese likened allegations against Peter Slipper to Watergate and called for full disclosure of the facts relating to the case from all parties involved, yeah right.

This from a Government that does not know itself if any one in their own party has told a truth, because no one expects it with this government.  While they spent the last 4 years refusing to supply information on Craig Thomson, they now expect the Opposition to give them all evidence against Slipper.  Sorry but this is not the Government’s job.

Peter Slipper is a Independent, he is not a part of the Labor Party firstly and he has stepped aside from his Speaker role until this matter is dealt with, that means you have no rights in this matter.

How The Commonwealth Attorney General can stand up and give updates about this matter, when she tells everyone she won’t talk about Thomson, is ludicrous.  She claims it is due to the AGS being Defence in this matter.  I want to know why, we have to foot the bill to defend Slipper?   In fact we have been told that the Commonwealth had applied to the Federal Court to find claims for sexual harassment made against the former Speaker by a staff member James Ashby were a politically motivated abuse of process instead of a ligitimate workplace complaint.

What the Attorney General has done in making this application and announcing it publicly is the REAL abuse of power driven by political motivation, and she should be stood down immediately if not forced to resign.  She has made a mockery of judicial process, and is trying to make it a travesty of justice instead.  She obviously regards a sexual harassment claim as insignificant if a man is the one making it and it shows this Government is all rhetoric when it comes to gender equality.

Albanese further tries to liken this to Watergate, however, the only resemblance is Watergate brought down the President and his administration at that time, so is this what he is suggesting that the scandal goes back to the PM?  I find his argument confusing, I thought  he was ALP, must be on the Rudd side of Labor.

The Gillard regime though has accused Slipper’s former Aides. a News Limited journalist, and former Howard Government Minister Mal Brough as well as another Senior Queensland Coalition identity of formulating a sexual harassment claim with the aim of destroying Mr. Slipper.  This is a lovely conspiracy theory, but I would suggest you may well be looking at defamation hearings in the near future Ms Gillard.

Whether the claims are true or not, we will wait for the evidence to come out, and hear what the court says, it is totally inappropriate the way Ms Roxxon has interfered in this matter, and how Mr Albanese has started spewing his vitriol all over the media.