The Digital Geek Goddess, Malissa, was a huge hit with the group from Haiti on the topic of integrating new media content strategies over multiple media. Always good to learn from the best!

FreePAC in Dallas continues with information sessions on how we can help fight the enemy within and protect our democracies from the reckless self-serving people we now have in charge.

We do not have to sit back and let it happen and we certainly shouldn’t be sitting back and hoping someone else will do it all for us. Get out there and make your voice heard. If you have the privilege of living in a democracy you have the responsibility of participating in how it is run.

Unfortunately people have become more and more apathetic. Unscrupulous politicians have taken advantage of this and walking over the people they are supposed to represent. Many don’t know what they can do.

Here’s what you can do for starters. Write or send an email to your local representative and remind them that they represent you and they are there for your benefit, not their own. The way to do this is to tell them what you see as wrong and what you expect to be done about it. You don’t need to skirt around the issues and of course there’s no need to be rude.

Also tell them if they are getting it right. If they know they are doing things the way their electorate want them to they will keep doing things that way.

Get out there during the run up to an election and support the candidate of your choice. The more support a candidate is seen to have can influence others.

The three intrepid members of the Australian delegation to the Freedom Fest World Tea Party gathering in Dallas Texas leaving Brisbane Airport David /politics, Tegan /charming the cameras and public relations, and Malissa the Digital Geek Goddess /integrating new media strategies-understanding implementing the new freedom connect world system.

And not everybody has decided who they will vote for when they are at the polling booth. Enthusiastic supporters can help the undecided decide.

These are some of the things the Australian Tea Party and its supporters have been doing. People have gone from pointlessly whining to getting out there and making a difference.

As opposed to becoming another political party or showing support for a particular party the Australian Tea Party is showing support for individual politicians. This way the Tea Party doesn’t get sucked into the system and corrupted by the ability to live out one’s vision and/or live it up with the bill being picked up by the public.

But more is needed and the Australian Tea Party is Taking Every Action it can with several members going to the FreePAC conference in Dallas

Events like FreePAC help people exchange ideas, learn how to organise grassroots activism and how to translate good ideas into successful public policies that defend against government encroachment on personal and economic liberties.

The Australian Tea Party’s own Digital Geek Goddess, Malissa, has been sharing information on the topic of integrating new media content strategies over multiple media. This is helping people to use media more effectively to help educate people on what’s really happening in the world.

And The Australian Tea Party’s own David Goodridge has been sharing his experiences as well such as web strategies and organising events. People from all over the world are at that event sharing and learning how we can all get involved in running our countries and stopping our politicians from ruining them.

Obviously everyone can’t go overseas but they can do something to be involved in the running of their country. While groups like Tea are happy to take the lead and be heard they also need peoples support as well.

Tell the Tea Party what you think, show up at events, buy a Tea Party T-shirt (or is that a Tea Shirt?) leave comments on the Tea Party Facebook page and the Tea Party website and tell your friends. We can change our countries, we can make our politicians work for us and be accountable to us. We just need people to be involved. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it be someone else and make a difference.