Comments from Kevin Rudd’s wife  “destablising”

Comments from Kevin Rudd’s wife about his possible return as Labor leader are “destablising” and “not in the national interest”, Australian Greens Leader Christine Milne says in SMH today.

If Milne gets unstable about a few supportive words from Therese rein she must be livid with Sam Dastyari

Dastyari describes the Greens as “extremists not unlike One Nation”

 Dastyari, who described the Greens as “extremists not unlike One Nation”, said Labor must “stop treating them like they are part of our family … Where it is in the Labor Party’s interest to do so, we should consider placing (the Greens) last – just like we did with One Nation,” he said.

Guess what, Sam’s not the only one around with this view.  Its quite widely held across the political spectrum and for mine, the Greens are skating into oblivion as the planet cools. heh heh heh

Michael Kroger tells the Liberals to put the Greens last

On the Bolt Report today Michael Kroger tells the Liberals to put the Greens last. Former Labor adviser Cassandra Wilkinson says Labor should stop trying to win back Greens voters, and cut loose the seats stupid enough to vote Greens.  Hows that for Aussie bipartisanship Christine?


Update:  Greens attack Labor

Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young said the Labor party was “diseased” by people like Mr Dastyari

 “Look, if the likes of Sam Dastyari and the faceless men get their way they will be destroying the government and everything they have actually delivered,” Senator Hanson-Young told Sky News’s Australian Agenda.“This is the problem with the Labor party at the moment; you’ve got people like Sam Dastyari and the rest of the faceless men running around talking about themselves, spreading the disease of the Labor Party rather than looking at themselves and thinking `how do we fix this’?

Milne and Hanson Young destabilised  here

For mine, Labor and Green are writhing in the death throes of ineptitude and irrelevance as the electorate waits impatiently to be rid of them.