On a recent Landline the Greens senator responsible for the committee on carbon stated that a carbon price is inevitable.

When asked why a carbon price is inevitable she replied “Electricity producers want certainty, so that they can spend money on New technology.”

What does that mean do you think? a large business says to the government: “Mate” we need to invest in new technology to keep up, could you do us a favour? we don’t have the cash and to get it we need to borrow, which will push prices up, so could you finagle us a no interest loan from the people who we supply electricity to? I know mate ,it’s a bit of a shell game, but if you say “blind them with science (most of them left school with year 10 science anyway, they will never know) then create a price for say carbon”. We can invest in our business use their money to do so and none will be the wiser!

So is this it?, the ultimate game of in bed with the devil. Big business and Big Government. First I am not in favor of selling the family farm. The state run electricity generators were ultimately paid for by my taxes my parents taxes and my grandparents taxes. Along comes the privatization myth. If we sell it tit will become more competitive and you will get electricity cheaper, nice theory that has not worked in practice. So now this Adulterous amalgamation of “Businesses and Government” are not living up to their agreement with the Australian consumer, to provide cheaper power, they now expect that the consumer will be coned by their lover into paying for their investment in their own business. Sick really. Big business has become deeply involved in the process of screwing the consumer.

Imagine a small business owner goes to the government and says I want certainty in my business. I’m a plumber. Can you charge a plumbing tax on everybody in Australia say with their yearly water rates, so that at some point in the future when xyz family needs me to do some plumbing for them everybody in the street will have paid for my tools and van and I will be certain that I will be available to do that job. (I am wondering at which point in reading this you started laughing) That can never happen, certainty in this way. The semi government water body would laugh the plumber out of the building, the same if it was a electrician. And yet we allow it to happen.

Some would argue that we need large utilities companies-  to provide power for example. But the reality is that with the new greener technologies coming on line a time will come when local organizations can create their own cheep sustainable power and return to the grid their excess. Cheep almost no cost power. That’s what they are really afraid of. So they are all scrambling to get as much money out of the consumer as they possibly can.

As Quickly as they can! and , as usual, with much coercive help from our lovely political masters!

Dark Angel