A Clown ???

We’re having a media enquiry here in Australia and it’s so serious because some journalists have been writing inconvenient truths about the Gillard government.  You see the public have lost confidence in the government  ‘mandating climate’… without a mandate, people have been rightfully worried and the journos have (so far)  actually been reporting that.  Whats to be done…The Greens have called for an enquiry and surprise…Gillard capitulated.  The problem with all this is that the Gillard administration has picked up where Kevin 07 left off in the ineptitude stakes and this enquiry is generally seen as an over reaction or as a blatant attempt to muzzle free speech.

But wait there’s a funny side to it all.  not only has the Gillard government been benchmarked for incompetence, it’s enquiry looks  to me like a bit of a joke as well. The australian and many others call this enquiry a” media circus”


Talk about clowns,with Gillards’ crew calling the shots… it’s a circus downunder and it makes me want to er chunder!

As usual the folks at Kangaroo Court  have some choice comments on the person appointed to head up the enquiry.

If they are correct then this enquiry could well end up as a true …’media circus.’


Justice Finkelstein and a fist full of dollars. This is the clown running the Australian Media inquiry.

September 26, 2011

“Raymond Finkelstein QC better know as The Fink “.”This is a man who tried to hear his own case which was before the court. It does not get much worse than that. ” 

“Justice Finkelstein was eventually forced to stop hearing the case because not only did he have a financial interest in the case but he was in fact one of the parties to the class action against a company called Centro Properties via his own private super fund.”

The Fink retired as a Federal Court of Australia judge on June 30, 2011 and has recently been appointed to head up an inquiry into the Australian Media focusing on codes of conduct for both print and online.”

Pretty strong possibly….over the top stuff..unless they can back it up.

The rest of their  detailed report on the Justice can be found  here.

Of particular interest is the section titled background... if their citations are indeed accurate … and they appear to be… then this could get embarrassing.

It is not unusual for a government to carefully choose an enquiry head so as to be most comfortable with the eventual report.

To make sure the results appear to be impartial and with merit.

In this case it may be that the current governments usual levels of incompetence may lead to their ‘safe’ choice being anything but.



Aussie Pete