It’s true, really it is. And why wouldn’t she? … They have so much in common. Even their differences are pretty similar. Both are involved with some symbolic firsts. Obama is Americas first black president, Julia is Australia’s first female prime minister. For America it was actually meaningful before it became a disaster. For Australia it was disaster from the start.

Obama’s race and Julia’s gender are often mentioned in their defense. A very small amount of the criticism directed at Obama appears to be racially based, most of it however describes what he has done (badly). None of the criticism towards Julia is actually gender based, it also describes what she has done (badly).

So in other words they’ve both proved to be as, (if not more ) incompetent as most of their predecessors. You could say it completely proves that race and gender mean nothing in politics although that was already proven at different levels long before these two came along.

Neither know how to show the appropriate respect, while most Americans salute their flag and hold their hand over their heart Obama just stands there with his hands over his crotch….. He did bow to a Saudi prince though.

Julia failed to show the appropriate respect to Queen Elizabeth during the sovereigns visit to Australia. She even tried to out dress her Majesty but failed. Julia’s performance was to demonstrate her republican views.

Queen Elizabeth II is the actual head of state in Australia. The Queen does not actually exercise any powers in Australia and is represented by the governor-general who acts in accordance with the Australian constitution as opposed to accepting direction from the Queen but regardless of this this she is the head of state. This relationship served Australia well in 1975.

A referendum in 1999 confirmed this. Australia wanted to keep the Queen as head of state and Julia is obliged to accept this if she is representing the Australian people. So with that in mind she should keep her republican leanings private while officially greeting the Queen on behalf of Australia.

And where Obama’s lack of respect caused outrage in America Julia’s little rebellion t didn’t come across as great or daring action, if anything she looked like a petulant child trying to show off.

One disaster they also have in common is they ran their predecessors debts up to even more disastrous levels. Within 3 years Obama ran the US debt up by nearly 50% and had to go to congress to allow the debt ceiling to be raised so he could borrow more just to keep America running.

Julia just keeps borrowing to the tune of $100 million per day although at one point she ran up a debt of around $76 billion in 6 months.

Obama is not willing to cut any of his social programs to save money. He just wants to tax, tax, tax ….oh and …”tax the rich”.

Julia has cut a lot of social programs and she also wants to tax the rich. In fact she wants to tax everyone and everything.

Both are unpopular with their electorates. Obama was initially popular but when he put in place the usual left wing ideology spin approach to government he became more and more unpopular.Would it be cynical to suggest that the upcoming love-fest between the 2 in Canberra is mainly a stage managed propaganda exercise designed to distract from and replace the media reporting of the realities of their policies for the voters on 2 continents. Substitute the very damaging with the stage managed photo -ops?

Julia was pretty much unwanted from the start. Her mummy and daddy had to come and ask everyone to play nice with her. http://www.news.com.au/top-stories/julia-gillards-parents-plea-for-nation-to-support-pm/story-e6frfkp9-1226148791304

Both have taken advantage of the good nature inherent in many people by pushing their climate change scams. Many people do want to believe that our leaders are acting in our best interests and people know the environment does need to be cared for. Some may believe that it’s better to do something, even if it’s useless, to highlight the real problems of the environment.

Obama tried to do something but had to abandon it due to intense opposition from his own side as well as insane cost.

Gillard isof course going ahead regardless of cost or damage to the country.

If anything these two are bad for the environment. Nothing they’ve proposed seems to be effective and is only there to make money.

So the main things they have that are 100% in common is they are both tearing through large sums of money that is not theirs in the name of their symbolic approaches to government and disdain for the people they are supposed to serve.

No prior leaders in Australia or the USA have behaved so badly.

Julia and Obama are definitely two peas in a pod.

And they are well past their use by date.

You can tell this readily by how much on the nose they are.


Peter Perkins Australia