This matter is simple, the children must be forced to leave Australia and live with their Father in Italy, I mean it is a part of the Australian justice, these poor kids are seeing.  It does not matter what they want, it matters that they do as they are told.  It is expected a last decision will be made after a High Court Hearing on 7th & 8th August 2012

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The Australian-born mother of the girls, all dual Australian-Italian citizens aged nine, 10, 13 and 15, made a last-ditch bid in court yesterday to keep them in Australia permanently since bringing them here on holiday two years ago. Because they are Dual Nationals, they are committing no crime in remaining in Australia, however after 2 years the father finally realised they weren’t there in Italy and decided they must live there ?  So he has started court action to gain custody and have them returned to Italy.

Nobody involved in the case can be named for legal reasons.

One of the children apparently wrote: “I remember Mum coming to pick us up from school and she had a bruise on her face and she told us that she was splitting up from dad and told us that he hit her. I dont [sic] actually remember that well but I do remember that I would always hear her screaming. After that, Mum said we had to move and she found a house in Pontassieve and so we started living there but we went on the weekend to our Dad’s house,” .

Laura soon left the country altogether with her four daughters.

They’ve been living with Laura’s family on the Sunshine Coast. The girls had all re-settled and been doing well at school, their grandma says.  But recently, their father came to Brisbane to take his daughters back to Italy, allegedly against their wishes and the wishes of their mother.

Now, faced with the order for the girls to return to Italy, things have suddenly escalated.   The children’s 70-year-old great grandmother Carol picked them up from school this week and helped them run away.   The four girls and their Great Grandmother have been officially declared ‘missing’ by Queensland Police.

What legal system does this country have when a 70 year old grandmother is forced to hide away with her Australian citizen grandchildren to stop the courts returning them to Italy with their Father, once there they will be under Italian law, and the Australian rights of the Children and mother will be a low consideration.  And because of this action the courts will prosecute the Grandmother for protecting her family in Australia.

Justice Colin Forrest found last year while he did not absolutely accept ”the truthfulness of all of the evidence deposed to by the father”, he was satisfied that the father did not consent to the children’s relocation. The judge found that the mother merely had the father’s consent to bring them for a holiday.

The burden of proof fell on the mother, who represented herself, to satisfy the court she had the father’s consent to bring them to Australia. The mother said she had been compelled to take her battle to the media. She said her daughters, who did not want to return to Italy, had opened their own Facebook page, ”kidswithoutvoices”.

Justice Forrest did not accept the fathers truthfulness in the evidence he supplied, and yet he is willing to cast Aussie kids out to Italian Law to decide on their fate.  The mother could not afford representation for these hearings, and the Australian Government did not provide assistance, therefore she never had a chance against the Father’s alleged evidence, which was left in doubt as to it’s truthfulness, and his lawyer.

The children had stated they wished to remain in Australia with their mother, and yet, it was decided they weren’t forceful in that desire.  What do they need to do yell and scream at them they want to stay, or tell them their wishes in what would have been a quiet and shy way with all the attention this has attracted.

It is often said kids who witness the result of domestic violence are themselves traumatised, and this is what they in fact were witnessing until the mother moved out of his home with the children.

Laura pleaded with the Prime Minister: “At this last minute I beg the Prime Minister to put a hold on the passports and so they can be heard and not have their human rights violated and handcuffed and sedated at the airport and forced on a plane for somewhere they don’t want to go,” she said.

A judge presiding over an international custody case involving four missing sisters has refused to hear any applications as part of a last-ditch attempt to keep the siblings in the country.

This case is already a travesty of Justice and another case of the Gillard Government clinging to a convention until it does not suit them.  In this case a stay should be put on the kids passports UNTIL this matter is resolved.  If they were Asylum Seekers, the Government would go out of it’s way to help them, in fact it would be protecting them and providing legal support.  But these are our precious Australian children and future of our Nation, and they are being denied the fundamental right of choice.