Below is a fitting reminder of how rapidly this cancer will spread if we take our eyes off of them.

Founded on the support of passionate students and workers, the Communist Party of China (CPC) was, since its founding on July 1, 1921, a magnet for idealists and the marginalised.  The underground organisation as set up by 50 young Chinese in Shanghai at night.

Now it is 80 million strong, it has transformed itself from an ideology-driven party of peasants and workers to a vast organisation tasked with managing the world’s second-biggest economy.

In this transformation, it has shed much of its politics with the changing times, now counting among its members China’s most successful and wealthiest businessmen and women, as well as the nation’s best and brightest.

“Today, being a Party member has little to do with ideology,” said Zhang Chen (25), who works for a State-run engineering company and was invited to join the party as a top-ranking high-school student. “It has become an elite group, especially considering that in every high school, only the very best students, the cream of the crop, are considered candidates for membership.”

Last year, the CPC received 21 million applications. It admitted only one in seven, the largest group being students.

Zhang said his motivations for applying were simple. “Being a Party member today,” he said, “means you get the best government job. Your promotions are faster, and your career prospects are far better if you work in the State sector.

the CPC marked its anniversary with a series of political events aimed at reviving “Red culture” from the days of Mao Zedong to strengthen its ideologically appeal to the youngest generation of its members, who often view the organisation more as a professional asset and identify little with its politics.   “There is one group of smart people who want to keep the party as a club for elites. They are succeeding in achieving this. But they are also those who are focussed on ideology, but they don’t appeal to many.”

And it is here that the Gillard Reds have set their sights, hence the push for the brightest students and the pay rises that they made sure they got, there was no doubt the opposition wouldn’t complain, GREED would take care of that little drama, and the Independents would shut up as they too would get a healthy pay packet.

Now the reasons behind what they are doing is obvious, for it is aimed at China’s model and I for one am not happy with this situation and do not want this for my daughter and her children way down the track.

If you don’t like it speak up and speak it loud, we want OUR Australia back and not the pseudo-Chinese community this Government is starting to build.

The Editors