Below in bold are Labor’s key achievements according to their website.  below each I have challenged these and discovered they are more than a little loose with their achievements

Abolished Work Choices

This meant employers were able to employ staff and run longer hours as they weren’t harshly hit with increased wages.  The new system has seen more and more businesses closing down or winding back their hours of operation.  You cannot employ who you can’t afford, and due to this they aren’t able to keep up with cost of operating increases.

Increased Hospital Funding by 50%  ?
This won’t occur until 2017/18 and is activity based funding.  Our Hospitals need funding now not a chance of funding in 5 years time.

More Help for Pensioners
Remind me to tell our pensioners this when they can’t afford heating during winter or eating 3 good meals a day, and that is assuming they don’t have rent to pay out as well.  I have yet to find a pensioner that is singing Labor’s praises.

Decisive action during GFC
As the IMF report makes clear, the European economies were almost all in a shocking state, and the USA facing huge structural problems and the risk of a double-dip recession.
So the real question is:  Was Australia’s great victory anything to do with Wayne Swan, or was he just in the right place at the right time, nursing a big budget surplus in the middle of the biggest mining boom Australia has even seen?
Those that spoke to  one Financial source (including one former treasurer) were underwhelmed by Swan’s performance. A former Labor colleague told them scathingly, “He’s hopeless”.  Others were not much kinder, pointing to Swan’s lack of communication skills, the absence of real reforming zeal and a failure to overhaul the tax system or set up a sovereign wealth fund, they thought him competent at best.
I feel at this point it is relevant to put all this in some historical context:
For those that remember Paul Keating’s famous Banana Republic comment. (followed by a collapse of the Australian dollar and an increase to 20% interest rates) This came two years after he won the World’s Greatest Treasurer award in 1984.  Let’s hope the Australian economy stays in clover a little bit longer this time round.

Getting the budget back in black 3 years early ?

First it was definite – no ifs, no buts. There was even a figure on it – $3.5 billion surplus.
Now it is an objective, an expectation, maybe just a plan.  Penny Wong, Minister for Finance, put it, “Our budget has us returning to surplus in 2012-13. We are simply saying the international situation makes it harder but our plan remains to return to surplus as we’ve outlined.”

This statement is certainly less definite than what was said just three months ago that “the budget will get back to surplus in 2012-13 as planned, get more people into jobs and spread the opportunities of Mining Boom Mark II to more Australians.”

Former treasurer Peter Costello remarked that the 2011-12 budget was something of a first.
It was mainly about a budget surplus that was to be delivered in the future and very little about the actual budget was being delivered.

Establishing a single National School Curriculum
This was a good idea, however it is being driven by the Federal Government and is biased towards their philosophies

Investing in new cancer research and treatment centres
This is something that has occurred in previous budgets and not an accomplishment. The Gillard regime has said they are funding different places, but no money has changed hands and the construction is well after the next election.  This is a pie in the sky claim.

1,000 new nurse training places & 1,300 new GPs
This yet again has not been realised and Rural regions needs have not been addressed
As for the Government’s claim re the nursing seems strange Australian Nurses Federation federal secretary Lee Thomas appears not to know about it ?

Building Trades Training Centres in our high schools ?
I have not seen this and have no feedback. Potentially a worthwhile project.

Record Investment in renewable energies

  • Wind power – more expensive than current fossil fuelled
  • Solar Power – more expensive than current fossil fuelled as weather conditions still make us rely on Fossil fuels
  • Geothermal – wonderful idea, but is NOT realistic in most regions
  • Wave/Tidal – Causes more destruction to the coastline than is beneficial.
  • Hydro-electric – very few locations are suitable

Tax cuts in last 3 budgets ?
Tax cuts to certain Australians in budgets, ALL Australians should be provided for by a Government.  The tax cuts that occurred were well catered for by the reduction of rebates for the rest of Australians.

Record investment in Infrastructure like highways, rails and ports
Research needed here
Anthony Albanese claims: “
our past should give us confidence for the future. Australia does have a proud record of building visionary but practical infrastructure, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge; the

transcontinental railway and the Snowy River Scheme all examples of this.
The official ceremony to mark the “turning of the first sod” occurred on 28 July 1923,
During the Nationalist Party term of office 1922 – 1925

Labor Governments in NSW between 1913 and 1988 are below:

  • Barrie Unsworth (1986–88), Neville Wran (1976–86), Jack Renshaw (1964–65),
    Robert Heffron (1959–64), Joseph Cahill (1952–59), James McGirr (1947–52),
    William McKell (1941–47), Jack Lang (1925–27, 1930–32), James Dooley (1921, 1921–22),
    John Storey (1920–21), William Holman (1913–16)

The Bridge opened on 19 March 1932 while Labor was in power 1930 – 1932

It can be seen during this period the now Liberal Party had been in office for 7 years of the Bridge’s construction and Labor only 2 years.  It seems a little odd that Labor is trying to take credit for this achievement ?

Planning for the Sydney Opera House began in the late 1940s,
By 1954, Goossens succeeded in gaining the support of NSW Premier Joseph Cahill, (Labor Party)
The project was built in three stages.

  • Stage I (1959–1963) consisted of building the upper podium.
    Labor in Govt 1959 – 1964
  • Stage II (1963–1967) saw the construction of the outer shells.
    Labor in govt. 1964 -1965
    Liberal in Govt 1965-1975
  • Stage III (1967–1973) consisted of the interior design and construction.
    Liberal in Govt 1965-1975

Again this shows a split between Labor and Liberal Govts in this construction, therefore making Labor’s trying to take credit for this once again very tenuous at best.

The Trans Australian Railway encompasses a lot of timeframes and Albanese has not specified what he claims is their achievement, however I believe we have already cut them down so far.

Building a National Broadband Network
This may provide better speeds, however, I cannot get a similar Internet price or speed using the NBN, Digital phones won’t operate without a power source, and only 4000 have signed up for it to date.

Creating 235,000 new training places.
This is ridiculous, firstly it is not verifiable, and secondly if these were true, they would be masking unemployment figures