Wow! What a success for the Australian TEA Party ,What a success for The Leadership Institute, What a success for Conservative politics in Australia. The recently concluded training schools conducted by the Leadership Institute in Brisbane from the 16th till the 18th of May 2012 have been a huge success for several reasons. Firstly it was a huge coup to get TLI to visit Australia , Secondly it was a great honour for The Australian TEA Party to be allowed to be the hosts of such an auspicious occasion.

As such it was my determined intent to utilise the opportunity of this occasion for 2 distinct and separate purposes. Both were achieved.

1) To build links between the various centre right Australian political parties (and issue based organisations) in Brisbane and to place the Australian TEA Party firmly in the centre of these linkages.

2) To use the visit by the Leadership Institute to impress the need to improve and increase the level of professional skills and training within these various organisations. The increase in skills of the activists of these organisations being directly responsible for future success, following from the central ideas on the nature of politics as expounded by The Leadership Institutes’ Morton Blackwell.

Previously in 2010 during his visit to Australia Mr Blackwell extolled the need to “make sure the dog wags it’s tail and not bark at you” in respect of other right of centre organisations in Australia. Following this approach I determined that just involving the Australian TEA Party members or Politicians from the dominant centre right political party the LNP would not be sufficient. It would not maximise the benefits of the occasion for the right sphere of politics in Australia now and into the future.

Therefore, I followed a strategy of inviting all of the various political and political issue groups from the right side of the political spectrum. In total 27 different organisations attended during the three days, the majority for all 3 days.Three delegates travelled from NSW (Sydney -1000 km) and One from Victoria (Melbourne 2000km) several important and well advertised events were concurrent with these dates particularly the Thursday and Friday and yet we had 10 national leaders and 7 state leaders from the larger organisations as well as the staff from three politicians (though the actual politicians were discouraged, two wives attended ) from one state, one federal member and one state minister. 65 delegates attended over the three days, 48 on the Wednesday, 42 on the Thursday and 39 on the Friday.

Each night ran significantly over time and had enthusiastic questions and interaction.

The Australian TEA Party also provided three guest speakers to provide added content to that requested from The Leadership Institute. We were very lucky to be able to have the world renowned ” DIGITAL GEEK GODDESS” herself  attend and the crow was suitably wowed by the depth and breadth of their knowledge . While I believe the local guest speakers added to the event considerably, I did however underestimate the depth and detailed knowledge available on all the subjects from Mr Moreno (having wrongly assumed that they may be similar in style to the online training available at the TPP site). Sadly I believe this limited rather than assisted Mr Moreno in his presentations due to time constraints, however, a great number of attendees stayed significantly over time on each of the nights (over 50%) hungry for knowledge.

The enthusiasm and energy created by Mr Moreno was infectious. As well as representing the excellent facilities and skills of the Leadership Institute he inspired many who attended to be available for future Tea Party events to be held by our organisation. I believe a few organisations that missed this series (and their respective staff/leaders) will be much more likely to attend any future training events based on reports given from those that attended. I suspect many more will follow their example.The obvious key was of course that the need to boost our skills and professionalism to deal with our common political foes who seem (unlike ourselves) to be united in their destructive and impractical policies and political ideas.

Following from this successful event a delegation from The Australian TEA Party will be attending training and assisting in presenting/teaching during the international Leadership school at The Leadership institutes HQ in Washington DC in late July.

To Morton Blackwell and the rest of the team @ TLI. Thank you so much in providing such a talented and effective presenter in Mr Moreno.

The test of this event and others will be how effectively the skills and knowledge learned can be translated to successful political action in the public policy process.  Or as I (DG) prefer to say … “The WAR of ideas and ideals with the Left” .