On the Channel Ten program The Circle disrespectful comments were made about Victoria Cross winner Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith. Show hosts Yumi Stynes, George Negus and Gorgi Coghlan all made disparaging remarks about Corporal Roberts-Smith.
Stynes claims she’s a good hearted person and didn’t estimate the backlash she’d receive. If she didn’t estimate that backlash then she can’t be too bright but I will suggest she and the other two did it for the publicity and notoriety with hopes they can parlay that into a higher paying job elsewhere.
Corporal Roberts-Smith is a highly decorated soldier and a true national hero. At great risk to himself, Corporal Roberts-Smith drew fire away from his fellow Diggers by making himself an easy shot before single-handedly silencing two Taliban machinegun posts.
That enabled his unit to go on to clear a village of Taliban.
Basically with that one heroic action Corporal Roberts-Smith achieved more than those three clowns combined could ever hope to achieve.
So apart from the suggestion of seeking notoriety I’ll also suggest they selected Corporal Roberts-Smith for their nasty comments out of simple jealousy.