This post follows on from our post of 2 days ago … ..the 8 Lies!

Four Big Lies about “Carbon Pollution”.

The slogan “carbon pollution” is political propaganda resting on four big lies.

Lie No 1: “Carbon dioxide is carbon”.

“Carbon dioxide” is a gas produced when any carbonaceous material is burnt in air or digested in the gut of any animal. Wood, grass, coal, oil, natural gas, ethanol, biomass and all foods produce carbon dioxide when consumed.

“Carbon” is a solid that occurs naturally as a black mineral called “graphite”, as beautiful diamonds or as charcoal or soot formed when carbonaceous matter is partially burnt. None of these forms of carbon are emitted from clean modern coal-burning power stations.

Calling carbon dioxide “carbon” is like calling water “hydrogen”. It is deceptive propaganda designed to “blacken” the image of this harmless invisible natural gas.

Lie No 2: “Carbon dioxide is a pollutant.”

Carbon dioxide gets all the green ticks. It feeds all growing plants using solar energy. It also dissolves in lakes and oceans and combines with calcium to form the skeletons of coral reefs, sea shells and vertebrates. Carbon dioxide is the ultimate source of food for all life on earth – the gas of life. Without it, Earth would be a barren dead planet.

Lie No 3: “Current levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are dangerously high.”

Carbon dioxide exists as a mere trace in our atmosphere. Current levels at about 390 parts per million are close to the lowest ever seen on earth. At this low level, plants cling to life and would cease to grow at about 150ppm. Most life probably evolved at 1,500 ppm and US submarines (and crowded nightclubs) operate safely at levels up to 8,000 ppm.

We must expose these three big lies and replace them with the simple truth: carbon dioxide is a harmless natural gas, not a sooty pollutant, it is the basis of all life on earth and there is nothing dangerous or unusual about current levels in the atmosphere.

Lie No 4 is the biggest lie of all – “A tax on carbon dioxide is needed to reduce pollution and cool the planet.”


Viv Forbes